Your office manager has asked all office employees to submit Nursing Assignment Help

Your office manager has asked all office employees to submit an idea for a community event. You think a health and wellness event is a great idea. You realize that this is an important way to raise awareness of this issue and create stronger community ties. Now you must present the idea to your office manager. 

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

For your initial post, answer all the prompts in Step 2. (Due Wednesday). Use complete sentences to answer each prompt. Refer to the discussion rubric grading criteria expectations.

  1. How would you go about presenting your idea to your manager? Include details about which type of business proposal or report you might use and why you picked that one.
  2. How would you use electronic communications and social media to promote your event? Include the benefits and limitations of using these systems to communicate in the healthcare industry.
  3. Based on the electronic or social media plan you would create; how would you apply the AIDA model to that plan?

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