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Midterm II Questions (Due May 20, 2019 at 11:59 PM)

Directions: Answer ONE of the questions in a 7-10 page essay, using proper essay structure and technique (identifiable thesis statement, concrete examples, etc.). You MUST cite at least 3 different sources in compiling your answer (lecture notes, articles, etc. are all fair game) and you MUST use proper citation techniques (APA or MLA) for full credit.

If you use articles, you must provide a minimum one paragraph discussing what your search strategy including what databases you used (Google Scholar, Medline, PsycInfo, etc.). Tell me what keywords you used that were either successful or unsuccessful and why they worked or not.

You MUST also use this specific font: Times New Roman, 12 point, with 1 inch margins, DOUBLE SPACED.

Your papers will be due May 20, 2019, 11:59 PM. The TurnItIn link will open up starting May 13, 2019. No late papers will be accepted!

1. Discuss the health concerns of the LGBTQ Asian American communities. In particular, discuss how intersectionality can be used to explain the difficulty in addressing health concerns unique to these communities (for example, gender confirming medications and treatments for transgender, non-binary or gender-nonconforming folk; HIV among men who have sex with men; or increased rates of alcoholism and illicit drug use among queer women’s communities). In your analysis, look up examples of queer Asian American focused nonprofits (for example, San Francisco Community Health Center; Asian Pacific Islander American Health Form; Office of Minority Health; APICHA Community Health Center in New York) to explore unique ways these groups are addressing health disparities along the axes of gender and sexuality in combination with race and ethnicity.

2. Explore ONE of the following diseases that affect the Asian American communities disproportionately:

· Hepatitis B


· Diabetes

Explain how the disease affects the body in YOUR OWN WORDS. Talk about why this disease affects the Asian American communities uniquely, exploring the social,

economic, and cultural issues that make this disease difficult to treat. You MUST use at least ONE NIH or a .gov website and ONE article from the Handbook.

3. Discuss aging within the Asian American communities. What are unique issues of the Asian American elderly, especially with regards to providing culturally competent health care? What role does isolation—cultural, linguistic, familial, etc.—play in limiting access to care? How do cultural expectations also limit access to care?

4. Discuss the unique challenges of Asian American women with regards to health. What are specific issues when looking at Asian American women’s health issues? How do the issues of patriarchy, religion and shame help to keep Asian American women quiet about their health concerns, and how do these and other vectors make it difficult for Asian American women to seek advice on health issues? What are health issues that affect Asian American women more than others?

5. Explore the impact of cancer within Asian America. Depending on which Asian American community you reference, each is impacted in particular by one type of cancer (liver, bowel, stomach, breast/gynecological, etc.). What are some of the reasons why a particular form of cancer affects one Asian American community more than the other? (Hint: you will need to reference the Handbook in explaining this answer, and you’ll probably need to go to the American Cancer Society webpage as well)

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