Write a Research Paper on creatine’s effect on cognition. Nursing Assignment Help

Write a Research Paper on creatine’s effect on cognition.

  • Find at least 3 review articles pertaining to your topic
  • Find at least 3 Original Research articles pertaining to your topic
  •  The Final project is an 8+ page paper (12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced)


  • Introduction should introduce the topic/question at hand and give a brief overview.  Give some historical/cultural/societal context regarding the topic.  Why the topic is important to athletes/practitioners/society as a whole.
  •  Next tell us what the current body of literature says about the topic at hand (this aligns with the review papers you summarized).  Make sure you properly cite your sources both in-text and in your works cited page.  This section should not contain any of your thoughts or opinions, it should strictly go over the research.
  • Next go into the experimental research articles you chose and go over the articles.  What question was the experiment attempting to answer?  What methods did they use?  What did they find?  What new questions may have come out of those findings?  What flaws/problems in the methodology did they encounter, did they acknowledge these flaws or problems
  •  Finally, tie it all together in the conclusion.  What did you learn or take away from researching this topic?  Where and how do you see this research being applied?  What questions regarding this topic would you like to see researched more in the future? 

This will be checked through a computer software that checks for AI, and plagiarism. 

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