Use the following steps to apply quality improvement Nursing Assignment Help

  • Use the following steps to apply quality improvement principles in your current clinical situation.
    • Identify a process or procedure that you perform routinely and wish to improve.
    • Using a flowchart, delineate each step of the procedure.
    • Identify the step in the flowchart where you would insert a change for quality improvement.
    • Design a new flowchart that now shows the improved process.
  • This paper requires the use of at least one professional resource.
  • You will need:
    • An introductory paragraph which explains what you would like to improve
    • Another paragraph which explains the step where you hope to change the pattern and insert a quality improvement process
    • Another paragraph explaining the new flow after you make the change.
  • Please add a cover page with the title of your Quality Improvement project.

Resource: Flowcharts are easily made in Microsoft Word. Here is a video explaining the process:

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