This assignment is worth 20% of the course grade and will be… Nursing Assignment Help

This assignment is worth 20% of the course grade and will be marked out of 20 points. Read the questions carefully!

1. Name two properties of water that result from the polar bonding between its molecules. (2 points)

2. Examine table 3.2 on page 39 of your textbook (The table 3.2 may be on a different page in the ebook depending on your settings). From this figure list three elements and show the molecular formula for of  3 specific compounds. (3 points)

3. Figure 4.18A in the textbook shows the structure of cilia on the surface of a cell. What cellular organelle would you expect to be found in this cell near the energy requiring cilia?  What will the cilia be using for energy?(2 points)

4. Name three functions of the endomembrane system. Which organelles are involved? (3 points)

5. What are the 3 main stages of cellular respiration? Which produces the majority of the ATP and by what process is the ATP produced (3 points)

6. What 2 things does NADH carry that can be used in the process of chemiosmosis? (2 points)

7. Define redox reactions? From your text provide 1 redox reactions and explain why it is a redox reaction.(2 points)

8. Describe the key differences and similarities between photosynthesis and cellular respiration. (3 points)

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