BHA 4003 CU The Affordable Care Act and Beyond Paper Nursing Assignment Help

Instructions Using the Week 2 Assignment Template [DOCX] Download Week 2 Assignment Template [DOCX], analyze the impacts of the ACA on the health care ecosystem we inhabit today. As part of this analysis, discuss the related significance of one other health care initiative enacted since 2010. Select this initiative from a list of the following […]

BHA FPX4104 Capella University HR Strategy and Competitive Advantage Discussion

For the Human Resources: Strategy and Competitive Advantage assessment you will develop a 3-5-page report that analyzes an organization’s current workforce compared to predicted future needs. The report should also include an analysis as to how human resources can provide a competitive advantage. Introduction Workforce planning occurs when organizational hiring managers work alongside their organization’s […]

BHA FPX 4009 Capella Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement Case Memorandum

Develop a two-page memo to help relevant stakeholders at Vila Health’s St. Anthony Medical center better understand traditional and emerging reimbursement models. Introduction Note: This assessment uses the following media piece as the context for developing the reimbursement model memo. Review this media piece before you submit your assessment. Vila Health: Investigating a Readmission. Basic […]

BHA FPX 4009 Capella University Revenue Cycle Process Presentation

Develop a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation with accompanying 10 to 20 minutes of audio targeted at educating new hires at a health care organization about the revenue-cycle process. Introduction The financial health of the health care organization depends upon its ability to generate consistent and recurring funds from the services it provides. Collectively referred to as […]

BHA FPX 4004 Capella University Risk Management Policy for Health Care Paper

Write a 3-4 page risk management policy and procedure for a health care organization. Analyze a specific issue that occurred in a health care organization and apply risk management best practices to it for the purpose of early risk identification and risk reduction or elimination in the future. Health care organizations have always searched for […]

BHA FPX4010 Capella University Hospital Acquired Conditions Research Plan

Assessment 4 Instructions: Develop a Research Plan For this assessment you will develop a thorough 5- to 9-page research plan based upon your work on previous assessments. The plan will be based on either qualitative or quantitative methodologies, but not both. In addition to refining your previous work, you will also discuss the concepts of […]

BHA FPX4006 Capella University Compliance Training Presentation

Assessment 3 Instructions: Compliance Training Create a presentation (15-20 slides) to prepare department heads for training their staff on the organization’s new compliance approach. Address the compliance content that department heads will need to convey and best practices for delivery of the compliance training. Introduction At this point in your academic career, you know that […]

BHA FPX4104 Capella University Organizational Communication Plan Discussion

For the Organizational Communication Plan assessment you will create a 2-3-page executive summary that outlines an analysis of patient satisfaction data and puts forth a communication plan to improve organizational performance and improve patient satisfaction. Introduction Upon completion of the strategic planning process, further strategic thinking is required to determine how to achieve the goals […]