Summaries enhanced by ChatGPT: “The Island” is a sci-fi thri… Nursing Assignment Help

Summaries enhanced by ChatGPT:”The Island” is a sci-fi thriller about a man who discovers he’s a clone living in a controlled utopia. Heescapes to expose the truth about his existence and save his fellow clones from being harvested fororgans. Each person had one clone available for harvesting organs and tissues.The DNA for the clone army in “Star Wars” came from Jango Fett, a skilled Mandalorian bounty hunter.He provided his genetic material to the cloners on the planet Kamino, who then used it to create theclones that made up the Grand Army of the Republic. Estimates suggest a million clones were made.For these two movie scenarios, could the clones have been created using the technology that created Dolly the sheep?Put aside ethics and the wisdom of making these clones in the first place – the question is, “Could it be done?” not“Should it be done?” Explain the rationale behind your answer, discussing each step of the technique. (WORD COUNT:250) 

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