Robson, C. (2014). How to do a research project. A guide for undergraduate students. (2nd Ed.),Chichester: Wiley. 

Part 1 

Read the different approaches of doing research in the book on pages 24-32 Box 2.1

See Box 2.2 on page 33-Choose one article from the A) Flexible Designs and one article from the B) Fixed Design approach. Answer the following questions:

What differences did you notice in way that that the research was set up?

What differences did you notice in the population chosen?

What differences did you notice in the data analysis?

Part 2

Read the Methods of Collecting Data in the book chapter 2- Box 2.3

Choose one article from each method listed in Box 2.4. For each, 1. Interviews, 2. Questionnaires, 3. Test and Scales, 4a. Structured Observation, 4b. Participant Observation, 5. Documentary Analysis, 6. Internet Based Research. 

            Identify the research question in the article

            Discuss why the method of collecting data was appropriate for the research question.