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Respond to this  with 150 words, one in-text citation and one reference please! 

Reproduction Function

Ms. P.C.’s Most Likely Diagnosis

       The information provided in this case, including the clinical manifestation and microscopic examination of vaginal discharge, indicates the likelihood that Ms. P.C. has a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) caused by a sexually transmitted infection (STI) gonorrhea.

       The clinical indications described in the case, including lower abdominal pain, nausea, emesis, and heavy malodorous vaginal discharge, fit a PID presentation. This shows that she has an infection in the upper reproductive tract.

       Gram-negative intracellular diplococci in the microscopic examination suggest gonorrhea infection, which causes PID (Darville, 2021). Given their role in fighting infections, white Blood cells’ presence in the vaginal discharge also proves an infection. This is also supported by her reporting that she has had unprotected sexual intercourse severally, with her last encounter being eight days ago. The unprotected sex places her at risk of getting STI infections, which then ascend to the upper respiratory tract, resulting in PID. Also, the onset, two days after unprotected sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge, and the menstrual period cessation indicate an acute infection.

The Microorganism Involved in Patient’s Condition

       The description of the vaginal discharge and the outcomes of the microscopic examination to the likelihood of Neisseria gonorrhea. The gram-negative intracellular diplococci in the microscopic examination is a key characteristic of the disease causal agent. The causal agent conspires to have consequential global morbidity in developed and undeveloped countries, and it also requires a lot of resources annually to treat (Springer & Salen, 2023). Those who are mostly impacted by the infections are mostly young adults, similar to those affected. It is considered the second most common cause of STI infections globally, and about 106 million new gonorrhea cases get documented yearly while other vast cases go unreported (Springer & Salen, 2023). Also, about half of women will not manifest symptoms of the infection, while 90% of men will (Springer & Salen, 2023).

Foundation of the Patient’s Encouraged Hospitalization 

       The severity of her symptoms, together with her reports of lower abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and malodorous vaginal discharge, indicates an acute and potentially severe infection. Hospitalization may be essential for intensive treatment and evaluation. With the high risk for complications if left untreated, PID can cause serious complications, which include abscess formation, tubo-ovarian abscess, and chronic pelvic pain.

       Also, this patient is requiring intravenous antibiotics rather than an outpatient treatment of oral antibiotics. Intravenous antibiotics are often required for more aggressive and powerful treatment of PID. Hospitalization permits intravenous antibiotics administration, ensuring the outcomes are better.

       Being that Ms. P.C. is unsure about her partner’s current genitourinary status due to his commercial enterprise experience. If her partner has concurrent contamination or is a carrier of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, it may complicate her remedy and necessitate monitoring. Non-compliance risk given her history of unprotected intercourse “each once in a while,” there is a threat of non-compliance with an outpatient remedy that could result in remedy failure. Hospitalization guarantees that treatment is administered efficaciously.

       In summary, the severity of signs, the high hazard of complications, the want for intravenous antibiotics, associate repute uncertainty, and the capability for non-compliance with outpatient treatment are key criteria that may justify the recommendation for hospitalization in the case of Ms. P.C. to efficaciously manage her suspected PID and headaches.

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