Pick an ethical or legal issue in nursing leadership. You Nursing Assignment Help

  • Pick an ethical or legal issue in nursing leadership. You may use any of the subjects discussed in prior units or select an issue which is of significance nationally.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing this issue. Include background information, why this is an issue, the role of the leader in managing this issue, and proposed solutions.
    • Identify an ethical or legal issue in nursing, describe background information, and detail why the issue exists.
    • Identify an ethical or legal issue in nursing, identify the roles of the leader in managing the issue, and describe multiple proposed solutions.
  • This is to be a 10-15 slide presentation.
    • Add presenter notes to the slide to enhance the content of the slides, as if you were presenting to a group, and this is your script.
    • In PowerPoint, access “notes view” to see the presenter notes boxes.
    • Slides should not contain paragraphs of narrative. They should contain only bullet points or brief explanations.
    • The longer narratives go in your presenter notes.
  • Speaker’s notes content will be graded under the “content” sections of the rubric.
    • Lack of speaker’s notes will significantly affect the grades in those areas.
  • Create a reference slide and put all references used in the presentation.
  • 4-5 references are required.
  • Include citations on the slides.
  • For format and guidelines for PowerPoint presentations check out the Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.) web site. (Links to an external site.)

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