NVCC Commentary on The Patient Medical Information Proposal Nursing Assignment Help

For this week’s discussion posts, you’ll comment on a proposed Federal regulation 

First, you’ll identify a piece of proposed legislation from https://www.regulations.gov/.

Then, you’ll have to review the websites on how to comment on a proposed legislation.  Finally, you’ll write a comment on your proposed legislation and post to the discussion board.

Here are some suggestions for making sure your comment has the greatest possible impact:

  • Organize your discussion board post so that your “comment” is clear and well organized.
  • Clearly indicate if you are for or against the proposed rule or some part of it and why. Agency reviewers look for reasoning, logic, and good science in comments they evaluate.
  • Refer to the docket number, listed in Federal Register notice.
  • Include references of articles or other references that support your comments. 

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