LCCC Performance Appraisal System Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Question #1 Describe
the principal elements of a performance appraisal system with which you
are familiar. Critique this system, specifying what elements of the
system you believe are appropriate and why they are so as well as
specifying the elements of the system that you believe are weak or
inappropriate and why they are so. Use an example or two to demonstrate
how this system did or did not work as intended. If you have never been
exposed to an appraisal system, imagine an ideal system; describe how it
should work and why it should be appropriate.

Question #2 As a department supervisor, you have long been a
believer in continuing education and training for your employees. You
and two or three of your senior employees have served as instructors. At
the beginning of the annual budgeting process, you learn that the next
budget proposal will have to reflect austerity. Heading the list of
frills (to use the VP of Finance’s own words) is education. Obviously,
proposals for education will be closely scrutinized. Outline the
approach you would propose in an effort to retain as much of your
education allocation as possible. How would you react if you were left
with no allocation for external education, travel for education, or
educational materials?

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