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Unit 2 focused on both the skeletal and muscular systems. The systems are utilized for both support and movement and if either system fails the entire body will be affected. All our body systems are monitored by the immune system, however, they are none-the-less susceptible to various ailments, illnesses, or diseases. 

The goal of this discussion is to have you select one disease that affects the skeletal system OR the muscular system. Your research needs to include the disease progression in the body and what impact it has on the other system.  For example, what problems does a disorder of the muscular system cause for the functioning of the skeletal system and vice versa? Your post must include the following information:

  • Disease or imbalance related to either the skeletal or muscular system
  • Progression for the selected disease or disorder
  • Interaction and effects with the opposite system

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with in-text citations and references in APA format.  Enter your response by using the REPLY button below these instructions:

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