For Set 3, you will include at least 3 references from Units Nursing Assignment Help

 For Set 3, you will include at least 3 references from Units 6-8 and at least 2 additional references that are not included in the course. One of the additional references MUST be an academic article but the other(s) may be from any other resource.

Remember this is a reflection rather than a simple summary so ensure that your writing demonstrates how this unit is applicable to your life. Do not be afraid to offer critique where applicable. You should avoid the presentation of quotes from the reading material unless absolutely critical to illustrate a particular point. This should not be a copy of the text, but rather your personal account of the theoretical material as it relates to your own context. You are not limited to reflecting on the course material alone and are encouraged to include material beyond the course readings and activities. Events from your own experience and insights gained from discussion forum conversations are also encouraged.

 Set 3 should consist of 5-6 pages

 Naman Sabharwal: electronic format

all text material must be typed, double line spacing, 12pt font, Times New Roman or Arial

page size letter with margins set to normal and left align

Unit 6: What levels of physical activity are actually needed for health promotion?

Unit 7: What factors affect participation?

Unit 8: How can we promote physical activity in different settings?

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