Follow the instructions below to complete your Week 5 – Nursing Assignment Help

Follow the instructions below to complete your Week 5 – Assignment AHow can I design and deliver an effective PowerPoint presentation? 

  • Link to Prior Knowledge: This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules and textbook readings.
  • Career Connection: Healthcare employees are expected to communicate important information in written and verbal form. Throughout your career, you may lead meetings or give formal presentations so it is important to become comfortable with presentation programs, like Microsoft PowerPoint. This presentation could be used as a work sample in future interviews if an employer asks about a time you have had to present information.
  • NACE Competencies: Digital Literacy
  • Assignment Value: 30 Points 

Designing a Presentation

In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to convince an audience of a chosen topic. You will select your topic from the scenarios below. You will then create a meeting agenda and presentation to persuade your audience. 

Your presentation will be a total of six slides. Specific instructions for each slide are explained below. You will need to use the UMA library or other reliable source to conduct research on your topic. You should use what you have learned in this course to prepare your meeting agenda and use best practices when creating your presentation. A grading rubric is provided at the end of these instructions. 

Choose one of the following scenarios. Click on each title to expand the scenario for more details. 

Select each item to learn more.

Open All PanelsPersuade your co-workers to take care of their mental health. Motivate diabetic patients to embrace the benefits of diet and exercise. Convince your boss to upgrade to a computerized filing system. Encourage your patients to stop smoking. Guide fellow employees to protect patient privacy. 

Instructions:StepsInstructionsStep 1Download the PowerPoint Template. (this link opens in a new window/tab) 

Use this template to start your assignment. You may add a theme or other color as you wish.

If you do not have PowerPoint, please follow the instructions to download Microsoft Office(this link opens in a new window/tab) .

Step 2

Go to the UMA library and research or another reliable source and research your topic.

Need help finding reliable sources?Watch this video on finding reliable sources(this link opens in a new window/tab) 


Read how to find reliable sources(this link opens in a new window/tab) 

Step 3

Create a 6 slide (minimum) presentation. It must include the following:

  1. Title slide: title of presentation and your name. (5 points)
  2. Agenda: a bulleted outline of all main points. (5 points)
  3. Body slide 1: first main point with supporting facts & an image. (5 points)
  4. Body slide 2: second main point with supporting facts & an image. (5 points)
  5. Body slide 3: third main point with supporting facts & an image. (5 points)
  6. Closing slide: re-cap the main points of the presentation & add an image. (5 points)Include any appropriate components to effectively address an audience.

Step 4

Click here to see a PowerPoint example(this link opens in a new window/tab)  (hint: it is about a different topic).

If you have any questions about the PowerPoint program, there are several tutorials available in the PowerPoint help feature in PowerPoint. (Hint: Click on the question mark in the upper right corner and enter “Tips for creating and delivering an effective presentation.”) The educational activities also include several helpful resources as well.

Step 5

Save and submit your completed presentation. 

Need help submitting your presentation? 

This rubric(this link opens in a new window/tab)  will be used to grade this assignment. 

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