Diversity in the workplace has never been a more relevant to Nursing Assignment Help

Diversity in the workplace has never been a more relevant topic than in recent years. Understanding the impact of culture on a place of work and how to define workplace diversity is critical to any leadership role. Additionally, as the prevalence of workplace violence increases, nurse managers must understand both regulatory and leadership implications when assessing and addressing inappropriate or violent behaviors within teams.

In this Discussion Board, choose one of the topics below for your original post. Be certain to address each of the questions for that topic. In response to your peers make certain you participate in discussions of both topics.

Topic 1: Workplace Diversity

  • How would you define diversity in the workplace? How would you know if a workplace was diverse or not? What are advantages and disadvantages related to the level of diversity present in the workplace.
  • In your opinion, what are the positive and negative impacts of culture in the workplace? As a leader what should you encourage and discourage?
  • As a leader, how might you employ the national CLAS standards to accomplish this?

Topic 2: Workplace Violence

  • How would you define workplace violence? Provide examples of workplace violence from your readings, personal, or professional experience.
  • Are there reliable standards and clear definitions for workplace violence from a legal perspective? Do you think the definitions agree?
  • Which regulatory bodies provide the most reliable definitions? Are there any areas that may not be clear?
  • As a leader, you are responsible for preventing workplace violence. What resources would you recommend for a leader to assist with that responsibility?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references.

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