Clearly identify the particular nursing phenomenon that the Nursing Assignment Help

Clearly identify the particular nursing phenomenon that the theory addresses also more instruction please see link thank you 

2nd slide

Addresses the relevance and importance of the theory to nursing clinical practice,and research,i.e., the exposition is clearly designed to strengthen our grasp of individual factors that have a bearing on : a. how we perceive clinical phenomena or other phenomena of interest  and

b. how we practice

2. brainstorms ways to express this learning by explaining GNT to a friend/ colleague and asking for their feedback and questions.

Slide #3 

1. Depict separate interrelated concepts and principles that, viewed as a whole,create a picture of nursing,i.e., information is organized around an identified broad concept or central point and sub concepts associated with nursing.

 the presentation will be about Modelling Role Modeling theory. the Theorists are  Helen Erickson

Evelin M Tomlin and Mary Ann P. Swain 

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