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Can you help with min 200 word response with reference APA format to:

Types of treatments for psoriasisTreatment options for psoriasis are categorized into medications, diet, and alternative therapies. Pharmacological treatments are also grouped into topical, phototherapy, and systemic. Topical treatments, which consist of creams and ointments, are first-line treatments prescribed for patients with mild to moderate psoriasis (Bakshi et al., 2020). They also include prescription moisturizers that prevent water loss. Examples of topical treatments include steroid creams and ointments, vitamin D analogs, calcineurin inhibitors, and dithranol. Phototherapy uses natural and artificial ultraviolet light to slow down the growth of skin cells (Bakshi et al., 2020). Ultraviolet B phototherapy is appropriate for treating patients with a relapse of psoriasis or those who have not responded to topical treatments. Phototherapy may also involve a combination of Psoralen and ultraviolet A to improve penetration into the skin. Systemic treatments are used for severe forms of psoriasis or when other forms of treatments have failed. Although systemic treatments are effective, they have serious side effects that may deteriorate the health of patients.The current symptoms of psoriasis have affected the elbows and lower legs. K.B.’s case is not severe. Therefore, phototherapy is the most appropriate for treating the relapse episode K.B. experienced. K.B. can also improve the management of her condition through dietary changes. The findings of Pona et al. (2019) reveal that switching to low-calorie diets while using treatments prescribed by dermatologists improves the health outcomes of psoriasis patients. Pona et al. (2019) also found that fish oil, selenium supplements, zinc supplements, gluten-free diets, and vitamin D supplementation improve health outcomes. Regular sunbathing can also help K.B. improve their symptoms since McCullough et al. (2021) indicate that UV rays from the sun slow down the multiplication of skin cells.

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