60 Points 1. Choose a topic related to the health, safety a Nursing Assignment Help

 60 Points

1.  Choose a topic related to the health, safety and/or nutrition of young children.  Your topic should be something that is important for young children to know more about and should be relevant to families.

2.  Develop three (3) curriculum activities (choose from: art, science, math, movement, music, literacy)  for children that will  help them learn concepts related to your topic.  Describe how children will participate in each activity.

3. List one learning objective per activity.

Examples of learning objectives: 

  • Children will learn proper handwashing skills using songs to reinforce handwashing steps through repeated opportunities to practice during the daily routine.
  • Children will learn to identify healthy foods in each food group by participating in dramatic play sessions, conversations at meal time, cooking activities, and gardening activities.

4.  Develop an activity related to your topic that you could involve families in and extend learning beyond the classroom.

5.  Choose a children’s book that you could read with children that relates to your topic.

6.  Create a newsletter (in digital form) you could share with families about your topic.  Your newsletter could also share resources for families and report on any related classroom activities.

Required Submissions: 

  1. Description of 3 curriculum activities including the learning objective. (30pts)
  2. Description of the activity planned for families. (10 pts)
  3. Title, author and summary of the children’s book you chose (10 pts)
  4. Your finished newsletter.  (10 pts)

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