1. Read: Discussion Background UMA graduate, Miguel, is Nursing Assignment Help

1. Read: Discussion Background

UMA graduate, Miguel, is currently searching for a job and has been actively interviewing. In fact, he has two interviews scheduled for later this week. Miguel is also very active on social media and prides himself on having a large volume of likes and followers. In order to obtain more followers, he often follows people he doesn’t know. Recently, Miguel has been following several individuals who have extreme anti-immigration views and often promote violence. Miguel likes these posts. Today, Miguel received a call from one of his potential employers and his interview was canceled. The potential employer stated, “Our office serves a diverse patient base and we do not believe you are a good fit for our company.” Miguel believes the potential employer reviewed his social media activity. 

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

  1. Explain whether it is fair for employers to judge Miguel based on his social media usage.
  2. Describe how Miguel could change his use of social media after this incident.
  3. Think objectively about your own current digital footprint. Considering that Miguel lost a job opportunity due to his social media activity, explain what you will change in your own social media activity.

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