West Coast University Week 7 Community Health and Epidemiology Questions

The standard protocol when diagnosing a patient with HIV and/or AIDS involves contacting the patient’s previous sexual partners to notify them of their exposure to the disease. This allows the patient’s sexual partners the opportunity to be tested themselves.

How does this standard practice affect the gathering of incidence and prevalence rates for HIV/AIDS? Do you agree or disagree with the protocol and why? If changes were made to the protocol to assist in data gathering, what changes would you suggest and why?

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Introduction: The standard protocol for notifying previous sexual partners of a patient diagnosed with HIV/AIDS is an important aspect of disease control and prevention. However, it raises important questions about the impact on the gathering of incidence and prevalence rates and the effectiveness of the protocol.

Answer: When sexual partners are notified about their exposure to HIV/AIDS, it helps them seek medical attention, make informed decisions about their sexual health, and prevent the spread of the disease. However, this practice can affect the accuracy of incidence and prevalence rates. Since not all sexual partners may come forward or be identified, the actual number of cases may be underestimated. Additionally, some sexual partners may have already been infected or have been tested and treated, which can overestimate the disease burden.

I agree with the protocol of notifying sexual partners as it is an ethical and necessary medical practice that can prevent further transmission of HIV/AIDS. However, to improve data gathering, we can implement measures such as providing anonymous testing and counseling services and utilizing technology platforms such as social media and text messaging for partner notification.

In conclusion, while the protocol of notifying sexual partners of HIV/AIDS exposure is beneficial, it is important to consider the impact it may have on incidence and prevalence rates. Strategies to improve data gathering must be implemented to ensure accurate rates are reported, and to improve the effectiveness of the protocol in preventing the spread of the disease.

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