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2. Here is the scenario – You are planning a tabletop exercise designed to solve a recurring problem in your pre-hospital system. This is an urban system with a total of 10 paid paramedics and 20 paid EMTs. There are also 15 volunteer EMTs. The problem is that communication among the various EMTs and paramedics and among responding units has been less than optimal. Problems include lack of interoperability and failure to use standard terminology. Here are the three tasks.

a. Determine who the players should be. Write an email notice inviting them to a  with an explanation of what you hope to accomplish. B. Write a communication scenario that will allow the players to address the problem at hand. . Make a list of facilities and materials you will use in the exercise.

3. Refine your capstone proposal based on discussions during week one.

About my Capstone it’s disaster management with persons with disabilities.  You should know, though, that a graduate many years ago did such a project.  It is now a DMM elective course.  How would you make yours unique?

Reading Assignments

Attached Files:

1. IS 139a Lesson 2 – Exercise Planning Team

2. IS 139a Lesson3 – Capability-based Exercise Objective Development

3. The Inventory Resource – IS 139 Central City Planning Materials and Resources

4. Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program.  This document is found at the link titled Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program  (Volume 1).  You will find the portions you’ll need for this week on pages 2.3-2.6 (Exercise types) and 3.1 (the 8 step process).  


Having reviewed the basics of exercise design last week, this week we dig deeper.  Look at each of the design steps so you can begin the thought process that will go into developing your  exercise.  The chapter on the TTX will take you beyond the discussion-based exercises.

One of the most valuable collection of resources you will use this summer and for the rest of your career is the HSEEP.  We will use several of the files in HSEEP this semester, so look them over, ask questions, think about the ones your group will need during the semester.

As you develop your portion of your  exercise, you will need to think about available resources.  That’s where the Liberty County files come into play.  Look them over with an eye towards your group’s scenario.  If a resource you think you need is in there, you may use.  If a resource isn’t there, it is not available to you.

Here’s the URL for the full 139a course:

TTX Videos

Here are a few good youtube videos you may want to review.  I only chose ones that were under an hour long.  Feel free to look at youtube yourself for others.  Team Rubicon has several, but they are all full length, often more than 4 hours.

Healthcare TTX

Active shooter

How to conduct a TTX

Another active shooter  

General information

Expert Solution Preview


In this assignment, we will address two tasks. First, we will discuss the planning of a tabletop exercise to solve a recurring problem in a pre-hospital system. The problem revolves around communication issues among EMTs and paramedics, including lack of interoperability and failure to use standard terminology. Second, we will refine the capstone proposal on disaster management with persons with disabilities, taking into consideration the uniqueness of the project compared to a previous graduate’s work.

Task 2a: Determining the players and writing an email notice
To address the communication problems in the pre-hospital system, it is essential to involve key stakeholders from various positions. The identified players for the tabletop exercise would be the 10 paid paramedics, 20 paid EMTs, and 15 volunteer EMTs. These individuals have direct involvement in providing pre-hospital care and are responsible for communicating with each other and responding units. Including all these stakeholders will ensure a comprehensive approach to solving the communication issue.

Email Notice:

Subject: Invitation to Participate in Pre-hospital Communication Tabletop Exercise

Dear EMTs and Paramedics,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to invite you to participate in a tabletop exercise that aims to address the recurring communication problem in our pre-hospital system. The exercise will focus on improving interoperability and the use of standard terminology among EMTs, paramedics, and responding units.

Your participation is crucial as you have firsthand experience and knowledge of the communication challenges faced in our pre-hospital system. Through this exercise, we aim to identify solutions and develop strategies to enhance communication efficiency and effectiveness.

The tabletop exercise will provide an opportunity for discussion, collaboration, and problem-solving. Your insights and suggestions will contribute to the development of a more reliable and streamlined communication system, ultimately improving patient care and overall system performance.

Date: [Provide specific date and time]
Duration: [Approximate duration of the exercise]
Location: [Specify the venue where the exercise will take place]

Please RSVP to this email by [Specify the deadline for confirming participation] so that we can make adequate arrangements for the exercise. A detailed communication scenario and other relevant materials will be provided prior to the exercise to ensure everyone is well-prepared.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to improving our pre-hospital system. Your participation in this tabletop exercise is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Contact Information]

Task 2b: Writing a communication scenario
To address the communication problems, a communication scenario should be designed to simulate real-life situations where the lack of interoperability and failure to use standard terminology impact effective communication. The scenario should involve multiple EMTs, paramedics, and responding units and should require them to collaborate and establish clear communication protocols.

Communication Scenario:

Scenario: Mass Casualty Incident Response

A simulated mass casualty incident has occurred in our urban area, resulting in multiple injuries and a high demand for pre-hospital care. The incident involves a mix of trauma, medical emergencies, and potential hazardous materials exposure. It requires close coordination and effective communication among EMTs, paramedics, and responding units.

1. Assess the situation and establish a clear incident command structure.
2. Implement effective communication protocols and use standardized terminology.
3. Coordinate resources, including medical supplies, personnel, and transportation.
4. Prioritize patient triage, treatment, and transportation based on severity.

1. Participants will be divided into groups, representing EMTs, paid paramedics, and volunteer EMTs. Each group will have designated team leaders.
2. The incident command structure should be established, following the principles of the Incident Command System.
3. Participants must utilize designated communication channels and adhere to standardized terminology.
4. Each group should collaborate to assess the scene, triage patients, provide necessary medical interventions, and allocate resources accordingly.
5. Responding units should communicate updates, resource needs, and patient statuses to facilitate a coordinated response.
6. Participants should ensure effective communication within their groups and with other groups, maintaining situational awareness throughout the exercise.
7. After the exercise, a debriefing session will be conducted to discuss the communication strengths and weaknesses observed during the simulation.

Task 2c: List of facilities and materials for the exercise
To conduct the tabletop exercise, certain facilities and materials will be required to create a realistic and immersive environment for participants. Here is a list of suggested facilities and materials:

1. Training room or simulation lab with adequate space for participants to gather and work in groups.
2. Audiovisual equipment for presentations and multimedia support.
3. Communication equipment, such as radios or mobile devices, to simulate real-time communication channels.
4. Resource management area to store and manage medical supplies and equipment.

1. Incident command structure charts and documentation.
2. Pre-developed patient scenarios and identifiers.
3. Maps or floor plans of the simulated urban area.
4. Mock medical supplies and equipment for hands-on practice.
5. Standard operating procedures and communication protocols for reference.

These facilities and materials will provide a realistic setting for the tabletop exercise, allowing participants to engage in problem-solving and critical thinking to address the communication challenges identified in the pre-hospital system.

In conclusion, the tabletop exercise aims to improve communication among EMTs, paramedics, and responding units in the pre-hospital system. By involving key stakeholders, developing a relevant communication scenario, and providing appropriate facilities and materials, we aim to enhance interoperability and the use of standard terminology, ultimately improving patient care and system performance.

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