The Triple Aim, HIM, and Health Care Reform

Create a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation (20 minutes with 10 minutes Q & A) on the Triple Aim model, HIM, and health care reform for an audience that constitutes the general public. Include voice-over narration and speaker notes with slides.

APA Format

Grading Rubric Must Be Followed

Create a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation on the Triple Aim model, HIM, and health care reform. Include voice-over narration and speaker notes with your presentation. Your presentation needs to be about 20 minutes in length with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers. Be sure to address all of the following in your presentation:

  • Introduction and Opening (1 slide)
    • How can you open your presentation in a way that engages your audience? Consider some eye-opening statistics, a compelling quote, or a challenging question.
  • The Triple Aim Model (2 to 3 slides)
    • What is the Triple Aim?
    • What are its goals?
  • HIM and the Triple Aim (3 to 4 slides)
    • Why is the Triple Aim model relevant to the health information management workforce?
    • What is HIM’s role in the Triple Aim?
    • How specifically can HIM contribute to the Triple Aim’s goals?
  • The Affordable Care Act and the Triple Aim (3 to 4 slides)
    • In what ways does the ACA support the achievement of the Triple Aim’s goals?
    • In what ways does the ACA hinder the achievement of the Triple Aim’s goals?
    • How effectively does the ACA address all parts of the Triple Aim?
  • Closing (1 slide)
    • What are the one or two main ideas you would like your audience to take away from your presentation?
  • Q and A
    • Provide two starter questions with responses.

In your speaker notes, be sure to include specific examples to support the points you are making. You will also want to include citations and references to current, scholarly and/or authoritative sources.

Resources: U.S. Health Care System

Expert Solution Preview

As healthcare professionals, it is important to understand the Triple Aim model, Health Information Management (HIM), and healthcare reform. In this presentation, we will discuss the Triple Aim model, HIM’s role in achieving its goals, and healthcare reform’s impact on the Triple Aim.

Did you know that healthcare spending in the United States continues to rise, but patient outcomes do not always reflect this increase? This is why healthcare professionals are turning to the Triple Aim model to advance patient care.

The Triple Aim Model:
The Triple Aim model is a framework for improving healthcare. It has three goals: improving patient experience, improving population health, and reducing healthcare costs.

HIM and the Triple Aim:
HIM plays a critical role in achieving the Triple Aim’s goals. HIM professionals collect and analyze data, support clinical decision-making, and manage electronic health records. By doing so, HIM helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, enhance population health, and reduce costs.

Affordable Care Act and the Triple Aim:
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented to improve access to healthcare and reduce healthcare costs. While the ACA supports the Triple Aim’s goals, it also has limitations that hinder its achievement. For example, the ACA may not address all parts of the Triple Aim equally.

Overall, the Triple Aim model, HIM, and healthcare reform are important to achieving quality healthcare. We hope this presentation helped you understand these concepts and their impact on patient care.


1. How does the Triple Aim model promote patient-centered care?
The Triple Aim model promotes patient-centered care by focusing on improving the patient experience, enhancing population health, and reducing healthcare costs. By achieving these goals, healthcare organizations provide quality care that meets the needs of patients.

2. What are the major challenges in implementing the Triple Aim model?
Implementing the Triple Aim model can be challenging due to a lack of resources, limited healthcare funding, and resistance to change. However, with the dedication and support of healthcare professionals, it is possible to overcome these challenges and achieve the model’s goals.

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