West Coast Univeristy Introduction to Nursing Implicit Bias Nursing Assignment Help

Read this article and then follow the assignment instructions and guidelines provided by your instructor. After reading the article, you will write an APA-style paper addressing the following: 1) Summarize how implicit biases contribute to health care disparities. 2) Outline strategies to overcome implicit biases. You are a medical professor in charge of creating college […]

West Coast Univeristy Pathophysiology Clinical Hypertension Case Study Nursing Assignment Help

Your presentation should follow a case study SBAR format (situation, background, assessment, and recommendations). You must include three (3) different medical-based evidence and/or research recommendations. You must include at least three (3) scholarly sources in your overall presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following slides: Introduction to the case or situation Background detail Clinical […]

West Coast University Human Research Protection Reflection Nursing Assignment Help

 go to the following link to view 12 recorded webinars related to Human Research Protection on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services YouTube channel: Assignment Instructions: This week, reflect on what you learned from the NIH materials about protecting the rights of human research participants. Discuss at least three of the following in […]

Case Study : Responses need to be in an Essay APA format with references and citations . Now what ? Kelly Carmon had been working at West Liberty Health System for four years, and she was starting Nursing Assignment Help

Case Study :  Responses need to be in an Essay APA format with references and citations .  Now what ?  Kelly Carmon had been working at West Liberty Health System for four years, and she was starting to wonder about what was next for her career. She remembered her graduate school experience in health administration […]

West Coast University Assessing the Opioid Crisis in United States Discussion

In your paper, address the following: How widespread is this crisis? What are the national statistics on opioid use? Using research data, determine the states and populations most affected and the reasons for the rise of this crisis. How does the national data on opioid use compare to data from your own city? If there […]

University of West Florida Ch 9 Coastal Medical Center Questions

“Coastal Medical Center Questions” on page 191 of the text for chapter 9: How would you assess physician engagement at CMC? How should physicians be involved in strategic planning at CMC, and at what pointshould you involve them? What do you see as the future of physician involvement at CMC? Expert Solution Preview Introduction: Assessing […]

West Coast University Week 2 Global Health Impact in Uganda Discussion

Within public health, understanding the global health impact on a country outside of the United States can help us understand what is happening within our own communities. As a public health professional, you may be working within a global health setting. For weeks 2, 3, and 4, you will be compiling a report on a […]

PH 515 West Coast University Racial Stigma in Employment Presentation

How much do you know about equity and diversity? Take this quiz to test your knowledge. The results may surprise you. Click here to access the quiz Complete the quiz first before you look at the answers. After you have completed this quiz, review the answers to the questions you missed. Click here to access […]

West Coast University Wk 3 Childhood Obesity and Academic Performance Discussions

Discussion Prompt 1: You have specified your topic of interest and defined your research question. Now, it is time to identify two variables that you will be investigating. The first variable is the dependent variable, namely, the outcome of interest that you are studying. The second variable is the independent variable, the variable that you […]