NUR 630 STU Efficacy of Non Pharmacological Interventions Nursing Assignment Help

Externalizing Disorders Some commonly followed treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have not been scientifically substantiated, including restricted or modified diets, treatments for allergies, treatment for inner ear problems, treatments for yeast infections, megavitamins, chiropractic adjustment and bone alignment, eye training, special-colored glasses, and biofeedback. After studying Module 4: Lecture Materials & Resources, address the […]

NUR 639 STU Confidentiality & Safety in Pediatric Nursing Assignment Help

After studying Module 2: Lecture Materials & Resources, address the following in a well-written discussion post: One common dilemma faced by psychiatric nurse practitioners is determining who the “client” is. Given that children are typically brought for treatment by their parents, describe how the psychiatric nurse practitioner would respond to a child who discloses they […]

NUR 620 STU Psychosis in a Young Adult Case Study Nursing Assignment Help

Discuss the following: Case StudyMr. T is a 21-year-old man who is brought to the ER by his mother after he began talking about “aliens” who were trying to steal his soul. Mr. T reports that aliens left messages for him by arranging sticks outside his home and sometimes send thoughts into his mind. On […]

NUR 620 STU Clinical Case Analysis of Ms Richardson Nursing Assignment Help

After studying Module 6: Lecture Materials & Resources, discuss the following: Case Study A 74-year-old African American woman, Ms. Richardson, was brought to the hospital emergency room by the police.  She is unkempt, dirty, and foul-smelling.  She does not look at the interviewer and is apparently confused and unresponsive to most of his questions.  She […]

NUR 620 STU Patient Diagnosed with Major Depressive Nursing Assignment Help

Step 1: You will use the Graduate Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Template Download Graduate Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Templateto: Compose a written comprehensive psychiatric evaluation of a patient you have seen in the clinic. Upload your completed comprehensive psychiatric evaluation as a Word doc. Scanned PDFs will not be accepted. For the Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Presentation Assignment: […]

NUR 620 STU Clinical Management Analysis of Ms JNs Clinical Nursing Assignment Help

After studying Module 3: Lecture Materials & Resources, discuss the following: Case StudyMs. JN is a 24-year-old law student who presents to an outpatient psychiatry clinic accompanied by her husband. She feels “worried about everything!” She is “stressed out” about her academic workload and upcoming exams. She feels fatigued and has difficulty concentrating on her […]

STU Health & Medical Enzyme Conversion Diagrams Question Nursing Assignment Help

   Expert Solution Preview Introduction: As a medical professor responsible for designing college assignments and evaluating student performance, I understand the importance of providing comprehensive and accurate answers to content-related questions. In this context, I will respond to the provided content by addressing each question separately. Let us now proceed to answer the given query. […]

STU Health & Medical Enzyme Conversion Description Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Enzyme Conversion Description After studying Module 2: Lecture Materials & Resources, submit the following: Starting with the precursor substance tyrosine or tryptophan, identify and briefly describe each chemical step required to create each neurotransmitter.  Expert Solution Preview Introduction: Creating assignments and providing answers for medical college students is a crucial task in the role of […]