SEU Assumptions of Parametric Statistical Testing Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Discuss the assumptions of parametric statistical testing versus the assumptions of nonparametric tests.  Discuss why a researcher would select a nonparametric approach based on the data and when they would select parametric tests for their data set. Does it matter what type of variables have been collected in the dataset? Expert Solution Preview Introduction: As […]

Statistical Process Control, Continuous Variables

SPC monitors operations of processes and outcomes within a system to see if they are capable of meeting requirements as well as to see if they are “in control.” As you continue to examine the output from SPC, what might a health care administration leader gain from understanding Xbar, R, and S charts? These measures […]

MHAFP5017 Capella Health System Leadership Statistical Results Presentation

Preparation Complete the following simulation: Vila Health: Presenting Statistical Results for Decision Making. In this simulation, you will evaluate, interpret, and present statistical results to support a health care recommendation. Instructions This assessment has two deliverables: Prepare an 8–10-slide PowerPoint presentation about the statistical results with recommendations to health system leadership. Ensure the slides graphically […]

Population, Health, Epidemiology & Statistical Principles

Discussion 4: Using the criteria and guidelines provided in this chapter, identify two credible websites for people with a chronic illness who manage their own care at home. Consider sources that address self-management practices such as diet, activity, and medication management. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the sites that you found? There are […]