NHS 8002 Capella Preventing Opioid Addiction in Clare County Research Paper

Scenario Government officials are taking action to address a chronic population health concern in your area. As a member of this community, you have a good understanding of the local demographics and population health issues, including the potential implications for policy making, health care systems, service utilization, clinical practice, education, and the workforce. In your […]

NHS FPX4000 Purdue University Ethical Dilemma in Healthcare Discussion

write minimum 1100 words Need a 3-5 pg paper with a solution to an ethical dilemma faced by the healthcare professional, using the provided case study provided in the first two files, which case study I picked discusses surgical instruments left in people accidentally, has to show moral awareness, moral judgement and ethical behavior, need […]

NHS FPX 6004 Capella University Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Thesis Paper

Write a 4-6-page report for a senior leader that communicates your evaluation of current organizational or interprofessional team performance, with respect to prescribed benchmarks set forth by government laws and policies at the local, state, and federal levels. In addition, advocate for ethical action to address benchmark underperformance and explain the potential for improving the […]