Miami Dade College Mini SOAP Note Worksheet Nursing Assignment Help

Submit 1 Mini-SOAP note on a patient that you saw in clinic this week. Submit here as a Word Document. See the example template below for the required format. Review the rubric for more information on how your assignment will be graded. 63 y/o male with BHP, presents to the clinic for 1 year follow […]

Miami Dade College 55 Year Old Homeless Man with Nursing Assignment Help

Case Study Chosen: Mason, a 55-year-old homeless man with respiratory symptoms. Demographics: Age: 55 Gender: Male Mason, a 55-year-old homeless man with respiratory symptoms and related findings from the examination, here are appropriate questions to ask Mason during the initial assessment: General Health: Can you describe your overall health and any chronic medical conditions you […]

PSY 2012 Miami Dade College Psychological Topics Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

[Required Discussion Prompts] Where and How Did Psychology Originate? (LO-01.03–01.04) AND If you had to pick one of the historical perspectives to use to study and explain behavior, which one would it be? Why? (C01.1) [Optional Discussion Prompt – Select (ONE) of the questions from either one of the groups below.] Aristotle was one of […]

PSY 2012 Miami Dade College Experimental Design Paper Nursing Assignment Help

Researchers often use a method called an experiment in order to study the causes of human and animal behavior. Design such an experiment based on a change in behavior you have observed in yourself or your roommates this past semester (e.g., eating or sleeping habits, exercise regime, game playing, etc.). Select a behavior that you […]

Miami Dade College Data Analysis Plan Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

This discussion goes hand and hand with data analysis plan assignment  1. This week, you will be submitting a data analysis plan for your research proposal. Share your research questions and research project as well as your anticipated type of quantitative analysis with the class. What quantitative test/s are you going to conduct on your […]

NURS 540 Miami Dade College Data Analysis Plan Project Nursing Assignment Help

Data Analysis Plan For this section of your research proposal assignment, you will carefully design a plan for analyzing your quantitative data. Explain in detail how you will go about analyzing your data. Be sure to: Include definitions of all variables Identify your null hypothesis and research hypothesis Include the type of analysis to be […]

Miami Dade College Wk 7 Health and Medical Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

1. Discuss the steps required to submit research to a professional journal, and what you feel will be the biggest obstacle? Why? 2. Read the article on the impact of maternal prenatal smoking on the development of childhood overweight in school-aged childrenLinks to an external site. from the WCU library. Is the article quantitative, qualitative, […]

Miami Dade College Health & Medical Key Components Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Submit PowerPoint presentation explaining the key components of your research proposal. Please see attached file to help complete this assisgment. A brief introduction, including your research questions and hypothesis The significance to nursing An overview of your literature review A summary of your design and methodology Include: Your sample procedures Your data collection procedures An […]