HIMA 460 AMU Data Visualization Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

As a data manager, you are often tasked with developing graphs for various projects, committees, and focus groups. The Revenue Taskforce would like you to develop a set of graphs to analyze the number of patient visits, length of stay, and payment methods. You will compile a presentation of findings for the next meeting. Using […]

HIMA 460 AMU Biosurveillance Registry Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn. In this discussion, we will explore the intersection of biosurveillance and Health Information Management (HIM). We will discuss the resources needed to develop biosurveillance registries, the role of HIM professionals in defining data elements, and the […]

AMU SNOMED CT Clinical Data Standardization Report Nursing Assignment Help

You are working for a physician who asks you to link a series of the SNOMED CT concept codes to ICD codes. Using the I-MAGIC mapping tool, complete the table to map the codes. I-MAGIC In a 2-page report: Assess the use of SNOMED-CT codes. Explain the use of SNOMED-CT and its benefits. Describe the […]

AMU Approaches in Documenting Issues and Concerns Questions Nursing Assignment Help

HIMA410-Workforce analytics is a common approach to business operations because it is based on the analysis of employee and staff data. This approach can help businesses find answers to key workforce and workflow challenges, and solutions. Research the types of workforce analytics and discuss how they can be applied to common HIM, informatics and analytic […]

HIMA 360 AMU Implementation of Home Based Coding System Nursing Assignment Help

Project Proposal A proposal is often used to communicate and present information to stakeholders within an organization. In many cases the primary purpose of the proposal is to convince stakeholders that the project is worthy and beneficial to the organization and serves as a tool to gain approval. Stakeholders must understand what the project can […]

HIMA 410 AMU Comparing Performance Is a Common Business Nursing Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions Comparing performance is a common business strategy, including those among healthcare facilities. You are Regional Director for a Healthcare System that includes two hospitals, several clinics, and a long-term care facility. You have been asked to evaluate hospital comparison data and develop a dashboard to benchmark aspects of the coding function for internal […]

AMU Labor Laws and Healthcare Worker Protection Journal Nursing Assignment Help

Top of Form For this journal submission, you will demonstrate your synthesis of the concepts presented in this and previous units by addressing each of the following:  Begin with an introduction that summarizes the various federal labor acts.  Reflect on the various types of discrimination that occur in the workplace and the laws prohibiting       them.  […]

HIMA 460 AMU Designing a Database for Easy Access Nursing Assignment Help

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn. At University Hospital, the Database Management Systems (DBMS) administrator is responsible for creating and maintaining databases. Several departments have asked him to develop a process to keep track of all the data they document. In the […]

AMU Data Management and Privacy in Healthcare Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

HIMA360-The concept of managing data is expansive and can involve a number of users, processes, and systems – particularly with health information systems. Healthcare organizations can have a number of information systems and various internal and external users; with numerous data needs. Project managers often have to assess the data needs and establish key indicators […]

HIMA AMU Duplicate Medical Record Numbers Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

HIMA360-A risk analysis is one way to assess or identify the risks associated with a project. It can also provide an understanding of the project’s strengths and weaknesses. Imagine that you were recently assigned to look at the risks of duplicate medical record numbers at your hospital. The risk scale for this project is from […]