Reducing Inequality in Access to Healthcare in Developing Countries Report Nursing Assignment Help

The United Nations describes its Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) in the following way: “ 

The SDGs provide a list of global goals that can apply to many of the fields in which each of you work. More importantly, we should think about how actions in our own organizations substantively contribute to the larger goals described in the SDGs – each of us have to contribute in our own, even sometimes small, way to make them successful. For example, none of us can solve global poverty individually, but working to solve poverty in our own community helps towards that global goal. 

For this project, you should choose one of the Sustainable Development Goals and develop a radical plan to make progress on this issue from where you sit in your specific organization, whatever that organization may be. You should research this goal on the UN SDG website  and choose one issue in one of the goals to improve. You should consider, as a component of your thought process, the Systems Practice Workbook 

Please note that you are invited, and expected, to dream and think big, but you must have a clear and focused target audience and a very specific plan. Please note that I’m looking for direct impacts and, as such, proposing informational campaigns alone is not sufficient as a radical idea, nor are descriptions of existing programs. Finally, I’m asking you to think outside the box and do something different from what’s need done before. Therefore, proposing COVID-19-specific interventions like vaccinations clinics or informational campaigns are not sufficient for this exercise (that doesn’t mean you can’t address other follow-along issues like provider burnout or the now known lack of quality public health capacity in many localities).  


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Reducing Inequality in Access to Healthcare in Developing Countries Report

Nursing Assignment Help

In response to this content, I would like to emphasize the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. These goals provide a framework for addressing global challenges and require contributions from various fields, including the medical field. As medical college students, it is essential for you to understand how your actions and initiatives can contribute to the achievement of these goals.

For this project, it is crucial to choose one specific SDG and develop a radical plan to make progress on the chosen issue within your organization. While researching the goal on the UN SDG website, focus on identifying a specific issue that aligns with your organization’s capacity and expertise. Remember to think big and dream beyond traditional interventions.

It is important to note that proposing informational campaigns alone or describing existing programs is not sufficient for this exercise. Your plan should have direct impacts and address the chosen issue in a unique and innovative way. Consider addressing related issues such as provider burnout or the lack of quality public health capacity, but refrain from solely focusing on COVID-19-specific interventions like vaccination clinics or informational campaigns.

Please ensure that your plan targets a specific audience and remains specific and focused throughout. Your initiative should aim to make a tangible and lasting difference in the chosen area of improvement.

Remember, this exercise encourages you to think outside the box and propose something different from what has been done before. By doing so, you can contribute effectively to the advancement of the SDGs and create meaningful change within your organization.

Now, let’s proceed with answering each question separately.

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