PUB 520 GCU Existing Health Disparities in Communities Discussion

Consider the community in which you currently live or grew up. What health disparities currently exist or existed when you lived in that community. Describe the social determinants of health present in that community. In particular, discuss the behavioral and psychological factors that affect or affected the health of members of your community. Present two strategies that could be or that have been implemented in your community to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities.

Pleased respond with 300 words.

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In every community, there are health disparities that exist due to various social determinants of health. These disparities affect the overall health and wellbeing of individuals living in the community. As a medical professor, it is essential to understand these disparities to provide students with a deeper understanding of the health of communities they may serve in the future. In this answer, we will discuss the health disparities present within a community and strategies that can be implemented to reduce these disparities.

The community I grew up in had various health disparities, particularly within the African American community. Cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases were common illnesses amongst individuals in the community. These disparities existed due to social determinants of health such as poverty, limited access to health care, and the lack of health education. The community’s behavioral and psychological factors included high-stress levels, poor eating habits, and a lack of physical exercise. These factors contributed to the high prevalence of non-communicable diseases in the community.

Two strategies that could be implemented to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities include; providing access to more affordable healthy food options and providing access to recreational facilities. Healthy food options could be made affordable by providing incentives to local grocery stores to offer fresh produce at discounted prices. Additionally, community gardens could be established to provide fresh produce, both lowering food costs and reducing the distance to healthy food options. Access to recreational facilities, such as community centers, parks, and recreational centers, is essential to encourage physical activity levels. These centers could be made more accessible by providing transportation services or establishing them in areas with a high need.

In conclusion, the health disparities present within communities are evident, and social determinants of health play a crucial role in their existence. Providing access to healthy foods and recreational facilities are vital strategies that can help improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities in communities. As medical professionals, it is crucial to understand these disparities and strategies to improve them.

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