Physical Therapy Assistant student case study homework?

In order to successfully complete this assignment you must have knowledge in the medical field (preferably physical therapy field)


– First open the document labeled ‘Case_Study_Patient_Report__Bariatrics’

– THOROUGHLY read the patient’s evaluation report

– Once you have read the patient’s report and have an understanding of their impairments open the next document labeled ‘_Case_Simulation_Questions__Rubric‘

– Answer ALL questions 1-15. Detailed answers please and make sure to cover every part of the questions with your answer

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As a medical professor responsible for designing college assignments and evaluations for medical college students, it is crucial to provide challenging and relevant tasks to help students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The knowledge and skills acquired by the students will be used to improve patient outcomes in the medical field.

To successfully complete this assignment, knowledge in the physical therapy field is required. The assignment involves reading a patient’s evaluation report and answering 15 detailed questions based on the report. The questions require complete coverage of all parts and an in-depth understanding of the impairments presented in the report. This assignment aims to help students develop their analytical and critical thinking ability while adapting to real-life scenarios. As such, the assignment is designed to prepare students for medical practice and improve their performance in the medical field.

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