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Write a critical thinking paper on a substantive article on a drug- or alcohol-related topic . It should be from a different source: a professional journal (print version in the library or online access), a newspaper/magazine, and a government or trade publication. Each paper should be two-page, double-spaced and include five sections, clearly identified with headings: (1) Title and Reference; (2) Summary; (3) Messages and Audiences; (4) Critique; and (5) Personal Reaction.

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In this critical thinking paper, we will analyze a substantive article on a drug- or alcohol-related topic from different sources. The article can be sourced from a professional journal, a newspaper/magazine, or a government or trade publication. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the students’ ability to critically analyze and evaluate the information presented in the article. The paper should be two-pages long, double-spaced, and structured into five sections: (1) Title and Reference; (2) Summary; (3) Messages and Audiences; (4) Critique; and (5) Personal Reaction.


Title and Reference:
Title of the article: [Insert title here]
Source: [Specify the source of the article, such as the name of the professional journal, newspaper/magazine, or government/trade publication]

Provide a concise summary of the article, highlighting the main points and arguments presented by the author. It should include an overview of the drug- or alcohol-related topic discussed, along with any significant findings or research mentioned in the article.

Messages and Audiences:
Identify and analyze the messages conveyed by the author in the article. Consider the intended audiences of the article and discuss how the author tailors their message to effectively communicate with these audiences. Evaluate the clarity and persuasiveness of the messages presented and comment on the author’s use of evidence or supporting examples.

Offer a critical analysis of the article by considering its strengths and weaknesses. Discuss any potential biases or limitations that may influence the article’s content or conclusions. Assess the reliability and credibility of the sources cited by the author and highlight any areas where further research or evidence may be required. Additionally, evaluate the article’s structure, coherence, and the logical flow of ideas presented.

Personal Reaction:
Share your personal reaction and thoughts on the article. Discuss how the article has impacted your understanding or perspective on the drug- or alcohol-related topic. Reflect on any personal experiences or knowledge that may have influenced your reaction to the article. Consider whether the article has raised any new questions or areas of interest that you would like to explore further.

This critical thinking paper provides an opportunity for medical college students to analyze and evaluate a substantive article on a drug- or alcohol-related topic. By completing this assignment, students can enhance their critical thinking skills, assess the reliability and credibility of sources, and develop their own perspectives on the topic. It is important for students to approach the analysis with an open mind and engage in thoughtful reflection to derive the most value from this exercise.

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