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In this video a 12 year old girl, Briana, is struggling with morbid obesity. She weighs over 300 pounds. She has been told that being this overweight will affect her health. She also feels very self-conscious about her weight and is bullied by her classmates. Briana’s parents express concern about her health as well. When her mother is interviewed about what food she serves the family she appears to be very interested in making any necessary changes. A trip to the market to find out what she purchases for family meals reveals that she does not seem to know what would be best to prepare for Briana so she can lose weight. Briana’s mother appears to be “stuck” on buying what she thinks are healthy foods which includes canned vegetables and very little fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here is the link to the video, “A 12 Year Old’s Struggle with Morbid Obesity

Describe how Briana’s mother should change meal preparations to be healthier. Describe strategies that might engage Briana in the process of preparing the meals

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As a medical professor, it is important to address issues related to obesity in our society. In this case, we have a 12-year-old girl, Briana, who is struggling with morbid obesity, and her mother who needs help in making healthy meal preparations for her daughter. This answer will provide recommendations on how Briana’s mother can change her meal preparations to be healthier and strategies to engage Briana in the process.

Briana’s mother should start by increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in their meals. She can also opt to include lean proteins such as fish and chicken and avoid processed and high-calorie foods. Additionally, she should reduce the amount of sugar and fat in their meals. It is important to note that making drastic changes in Briana’s diet can be difficult, so her mother should consider making small changes gradually.

To engage Briana in the process of preparing meals, her mother can involve her in meal planning and preparation. This can be done by encouraging her to suggest healthier meal options and allowing her to help with grocery shopping and cooking. Briana can also be taught about the importance of healthy eating and given incentives such as cooking her favorite healthy meals, which can increase her interest in preparing healthier meals.

The issue of obesity is a growing concern, and it is important to implement healthy eating habits in our society. Briana’s mother can make changes in her meal preparations by including more fresh fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed foods high in sugars and fat. To engage Briana in the process, her mother can involve her in meal planning and preparation and teach her about the importance of healthy eating.

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