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Health Statistics and Populations

The following website will aid you in completing this Assignment:

Utilizing the US Preventive Services Task force site



You will need to create a chart that illustrates preventative care measures for individuals

ranging from age 21-65. The chart should include:

● Immunization recommendations

● Well person visit recommendations

● Cancer screening recommendations (cervical, breast, prostate, colon)

● Other preventative services (dental care, vision care, screening for age related

memory changes, etc)

Please include gender and age groups in your chart data.

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Introduction: In this assignment, students are tasked with creating a chart that illustrates preventative care measures for individuals ranging from age 21-65, including immunization recommendations, well person visit recommendations, cancer screening recommendations, and other preventative services. The chart should include gender and age groups in the data.

Answer: To create the preventative care chart, students can start by utilizing the US Preventive Services Task Force website as a resource for recommendations. The website provides guidelines for various preventative care services based on age and gender. For immunization recommendations, the chart can include vaccines such as the HPV vaccine for both men and women aged 21-26, and the flu vaccine for all adults aged 50-65. Well person visit recommendations can include annual check-ups for both men and women, with additional visits recommended for women over 40 years of age for mammography and cervical cancer screenings. Cancer screening recommendations can vary depending on age and gender, with colon cancer screening recommended for men and women starting at age 50, and breast cancer screenings recommended for women aged 50-74. Other preventative services may include dental and vision care, as well as screening for age-related memory changes. These recommendations can be tailored based on age and gender groups, and presented in an organized chart format for easy reference.

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