LDR 600 Grand Canyon University Leadership Matrix Profile Worksheet

The purpose of this assignment is to identify leaders that exemplify effective leadership traits and evaluate the influence that their leadership qualities have in inspiring followership.

Complete the “Leadership Profile” document.

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One of the responsibilities of a medical professor is to create assignments to help students learn and better their understanding of concepts. One such assignment is the “Leadership Profile” document that asks students to identify and evaluate leaders who exhibit effective leadership traits. The purpose is to inspire students to become better leaders themselves and to understand the qualities that make leaders truly effective.


The “Leadership Profile” document is a valuable assignment for medical college students. It challenges students to identify leaders who exhibit effective leadership traits and to evaluate the influence that their leadership qualities have in inspiring followership. By completing this assignment, students will gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader and will be able to apply this knowledge in their future practices. This assignment is essential for educating future healthcare leaders who will make a positive impact in the industry and improve patient outcomes.

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