Instructions in file attachedACG 46511 Case #1: The importance of being independent (by Deloitte)

Instructions in file attached

ACG 4651


Case #1: The importance of being independent (by Deloitte) Discussion Questions


The Deloitte Foundation, in conjunction with the University of Illinois Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society, has created Auditor Independence Education Materials to help students to learn about core concepts, real-world applications, and prevailing rules related to auditor independence.


Please watch the FULL video (3 sections) titled “the Importance of Being Independent” which focuses on the public interest, professional skepticism, financial statements users, and independence in fact and appearance.

· “Section 1 – Independence 101” (approx. 12 minutes)

· “Section II – The Public Accounting Profession” (approx. 5 minutes)

· “Section III – Independence at Work” (approx. 10 minutes)

The video can be found at
After watching the video, please respond to the following questions.

1) Your uncle is employed as the controller of Company J, an audit client of your firm. You are asked to serve on the Company J audit team. You are pretty sure that the independence rules do not prohibit you from serving on the audit team because technically your uncle is not a “close relative.” You have a close relationship with your uncle and see him on a regular basis. Should you disclose this relationship to your firm? Why?

2) What do other professions, such as law or medicine, have in common with the accounting profession?

3) All professionals in public accounting firms, whether they provide audit, tax, or consulting services, should comply with the accounting firm’s independence policies and applicable independence rules. Why do you think this is?

4) Do you consider any of the “five areas of independence,” described in the Video, a greater threat to independence than any of the other areas? Why?


As indicated in the syllabus, your response should not exceed 2 single spaced pages. Please review your syllabus for all other formatting and submission guidelines. The due date for this project is also indicated on your syllabus.

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