HPA 430 Penn State University Well-Cultivated Self-Awareness Case Study

For this assignment please read the case study below. You should write a 2-3 page essay explaining what choice you would make and the reasons why you would make that choice. Your essay should address any important issues that you think the case raises about Well-Cultivated Self-Awareness (both Personal Conviction and Emotional Intelligence) from the text, readings, or other material. Remember Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced.


It is a typical day for you in a position you started several months ago managing a satellite ambulatory care clinic for an academic health system. You are at a meeting led by the director of ambulatory care with the 4 managers of the other clinics. The clinics are distributed roughly in a circle around the center of the city, where the main hospital is located. You are the newest manager of this group. The director of ambulatory care, Tracy, previously held a clinic manager position like you, but has been in the director role now for almost a decade.

The main agenda item in the meeting is the way the clinic managers are to handle relationships with nursing and other personnel during the upcoming drive to unionize the health system’s nursing staff. The union effort will begin next week, and this will be the last monthly meeting before this important time. It’s expected to be another contentious effort, as management tries to maintain a non-union status, and the union fights to achieve the support needed for recognition. Once the nursing staff is organized, the union feels it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the hospital unionizes, too. Like the eager young manager you are, you’ve actually been studying up on hospitals and unions, including checking out some recent cases decided by the National Labor Relations Board.

Tracy seems to be in a terrible mood. In addition to the pressures from the union effort, the meeting started late because one of the other clinic managers was delayed in traffic. Everyone feels pressured to get the meeting over and get back to work. Tracy summarizes several expectations concerning the union effort from senior management for all the clinic managers. Suddenly, you hear Tracy say something surprising. If you remember what you read, the instructions and advice Tracy just shared would be considered to be an illegal management activity. You are nearly certain Tracy may have inadvertently reversed a few words and described an illegal action as legal, even encouraged by senior management. But, when you ask to have it repeated, Tracy growls at you, “Pay closer attention” and repeats the advice. You ask, “Are you sure that’s right?”, and Tracy glowers at you. “Are you questioning my competence?” The abrupt question silences you in front of your peers.

Tracy finishes summarizing the rest of the advice on the union effort. Then, looking directly at you, concludes: “That’s it until next month…unless there are any more questions?”

You have a decision to make. What will you do? Explain in detail how you would handle this situation and why you would handle it that way, emphasizing the ideas of well-cultivated self-awareness.

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The given case study depicts a scenario where a newly appointed satellite ambulatory care clinic manager faces a dilemma of whether to report a potentially illegal activity to the higher authorities or not. The essay will discuss how well-cultivated self-awareness can help in decision-making and why the chosen course of action is appropriate.


In this scenario, the manager has two options. Either he can inform the higher authorities about the illegal advice given by the director of ambulatory care to the clinic managers, or he can keep silent about it. The well-cultivated self-awareness is essential for making a wise decision that aligns with one’s ethical standards and obligations. In this regard, the manager needs to assess the situation and make a conscientious decision while taking into account the principles of emotional intelligence and personal conviction.

Firstly, the manager can reflect on his feelings and emotions about the situation. He can ask himself if it is morally right to keep quiet about the potentially unethical behavior of a colleague. If the manager is loyal to the organization, he may feel a sense of obligation to report any illegal activities. Therefore, he needs to understand the impact of his decision on his relationship with Tracy and other colleagues in the organization.

Secondly, the manager can consider the possible outcomes of his actions. By reporting the issue, he may prevent the organization from engaging in illegal activities and protect the interests of the nursing staff. However, he can also face retaliation from Tracy or other senior management, which may result in his termination or jeopardize his career prospects. The manager needs to weigh the benefits and risks associated with reporting the issue.

Thirdly, the manager should seek advice from a mentor or a trusted colleague who may have encountered a similar situation in the past. The mentor can provide valuable insights and guide the manager on how to handle the situation effectively while maintaining professionalism and integrity.

Therefore, the manager should make a well-informed decision based on a careful evaluation of his emotions, potential outcomes, and expert advice. He needs to stand firm on his moral principles and report the issue to the higher authorities while being mindful of the potential consequences of his actions.


In conclusion, the case study highlights the importance of well-cultivated self-awareness in decision-making and ethical leadership. The manager needs to balance his ethical obligations, emotions, and the potential outcomes of his actions before making a decision. By reporting the potentially illegal activity to the higher authorities, the manager can protect the interests of the nursing staff, preserve the reputation of the organization, and uphold his moral principles.

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