HGMT 400 UMUC Research and Data Analysis in Health Care Exercise Worksheet

HMGT 400 Research and Data Analysis in Health Care-Exercise

Dataset:HMGTHOSP.csv (Please download dataset from the class.)

Required program: for all weeks EXCEL (RStudio or R Programming for BONUS point seekers only).

Author, Hossein Zare, PhD

Citation: Zare, H. (2017). HMGT 400 Research and Data Analysis in Health Care-Exercise. UMGC.EDU

**For each exercise, Master RStudio relevant materials are posted (See the mini-module RStudio: Working toward the BONUS points

Copy Exercise # 1 from below or download the file for all week exercise from here: All Exercises File

Exercise # 1:

The attached dataset, provides some information about hospitals in 2011 and 2012, download the data and then complete the descriptive table. Please use the following format to report your findings.

Table 1. Descriptive statistics between hospitals in 2011 & 2012

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In HMGT 400 Research and Data Analysis in Health Care, exercise #1 requires students to analyze a dataset about hospitals in 2011 and 2012. They are asked to complete a descriptive table and report their findings in a particular format. As a medical professor, I would provide guidance and feedback to the students throughout this assignment.


For this exercise, students will need to download the HMGTHOSP.csv dataset and use Excel to complete the descriptive table. They should report their findings in Table 1, using the prescribed format.

As the professor, I would advise students to carefully read the instructions and refer to the relevant RStudio materials as needed. I would also provide feedback on their completed table, including any errors or areas for improvement.

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