Helping and Healing Relationships

Helping and Healing Relationships

Consider the various steps of the nursing process in order to address the following critical thinking questions.

  • As a health care provider, discuss ways in which you will establish a helping hand and healing relationship with your patient and their families.
  • How will you develop professional partnerships with health care team members in your clinical practice?
  • What personal behaviors, biases, and attitudes would you have to change to develop these professional relationships

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The nursing process is a fundamental aspect of healthcare, and it is essential to establish and maintain a helping and healing relationship with patients and their families. As a healthcare provider, it is crucial to develop professional partnerships with other members of the healthcare team for the ultimate benefit of the patient. In this context, personal behaviors, biases, and attitudes significantly impact these professional relationships, and it may be necessary to change them. This essay discusses the steps that healthcare providers can take to establish helping and healing relationships with their patients, develop professional partnerships, and change their behaviors, biases, and attitudes in clinical practice.

Answer 1:

To establish a helping hand and healing relationship with patients and their families, healthcare providers should focus on providing patient-centered care. Empathy, respect, and communication skills are essential in this process. Effective communication means listening attentively to patients and their families and ensuring that their needs and preferences are taken into account. Healthcare providers should also ensure that patients and their families have access to accurate and timely information regarding their health and treatment options. Additionally, healthcare providers should dedicate sufficient time to their patients, providing emotional support, and reassurance, which is essential in establishing a helping and healing relationship.

Answer 2:

Developing professional partnerships with healthcare team members is crucial in ensuring optimal patient outcomes. As a healthcare provider, one way to develop such partnerships is to foster effective communication skills. This involves collaborating with other healthcare team members, sharing information, and working together to provide the best care possible for the patient. Also, healthcare providers should respect the roles and contributions of other healthcare team members and their expertise. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial elements of developing professional partnerships that are essential in promoting optimal patient outcomes.

Answer 3:

Personal behaviors, biases, and attitudes significantly impact professional relationships in clinical practice. As healthcare providers, it is essential to acknowledge and identify personal biases and attitudes that may affect our relationships with colleagues and patients. Healthcare providers should be willing to listen to feedback and work on improving areas they may be deficient in. Reflective practice is an essential tool in identifying personal behaviors, biases, and attitudes and identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, healthcare providers should respect cultural diversity and work to ensure that their behavior and attitudes do not discriminate against patients or colleagues.


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