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The CEO for your organization has announced that the organization  must put more of a focus on consumer-driven health care, and an urgent  care clinic division will be added as an answer to the recent uptick in  retail health clinics in your area. 

For this assignment, develop a 4-6-page action plan, not including  title page and reference page, that will facilitate communication of the  strategy. Your action plan should include, but is not limited to, the  following: 

  • Goals or objectives that detail how the new urgent care clinic  division will contribute to the set strategy (e.g., tie this in with the  organizational statements you constructed)  
  • What will be required to meet the goals and objectives  
  • Who is responsible for each goal and objective  
  • What resources will be required to achieve goals and objectives  
  • How results will be measured and evaluated 

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Consumer-driven healthcare is an approach that focuses on empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare needs. In response to the growing trend of retail health clinics in our area, our organization’s CEO has announced the addition of an urgent care clinic division. This assignment aims to develop an action plan that will facilitate effective communication of the strategy for this new division. The action plan will outline goals, requirements, responsibilities, required resources, and methods for measuring and evaluating results.

Answer to the content:

Action Plan for the Urgent Care Clinic Division:

1. Goals or Objectives:
The urgent care clinic division’s goals and objectives should align with the organizational strategy. These goals could include:
– Enhancing access to timely and high-quality healthcare services for patients
– Providing cost-effective care options for non-emergency medical needs
– Improving overall patient satisfaction and experience
– Establishing a strong network of referring providers for specialized care

2. Requirements to Meet Goals and Objectives:
To meet the goals and objectives, the following requirements should be considered:
– Acquire suitable premises for the urgent care clinic(s), ensuring convenient locations and adequate space for patient flow and staff needs.
– Recruit and hire healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and support staff.
– Develop collaborative relationships with other healthcare providers, such as hospitals and specialists, to ensure appropriate patient referrals.
– Establish partnerships with insurance providers to facilitate seamless billing processes and maximize patient coverage.
– Implement efficient operational systems and processes to optimize patient throughput and minimize waiting times.

3. Responsibilities:
Assigning clear responsibilities is vital for the successful implementation of the action plan. The following roles could be established:
– Chief Medical Officer or Medical Director: Overall responsibility for the clinical operations and quality of care provided at the urgent care clinic division.
– Clinic Manager: Responsible for the day-to-day management of the clinic, including staffing, scheduling, and ensuring smooth operations.
– Medical Staff: Maintain clinical excellence and provide direct patient care.
– Administrative Staff: Handle administrative tasks, appointment scheduling, and patient registration.

4. Required Resources:
To achieve the goals and objectives, the following resources will be required:
– Financial resources for setting up the urgent care clinics, including equipment, supplies, and initial operating costs.
– Human resources to fill the necessary positions, such as physicians, healthcare staff, administrators, and support staff.
– Information technology infrastructure, including electronic health record systems, networking, and communication tools.
– Collaboration with local healthcare providers, specialists, and hospitals.
– Marketing and communication resources to promote the urgent care clinics and educate the community about services offered.

5. Measurement and Evaluation of Results:
To measure and evaluate the results of the urgent care clinic division, the following methods can be employed:
– Collect and analyze patient satisfaction surveys, focusing on timeliness, quality of care, and overall experience.
– Monitor key performance indicators, such as patient wait times, clinic throughput, and patient outcomes.
– Assess financial metrics, including patient volume, revenue generation, and cost-effectiveness compared to alternative healthcare options.
– Conduct regular staff evaluations and peer reviews to ensure quality improvement and adherence to best practices.
– Seek feedback from partnering healthcare providers and insurance companies to evaluate collaborative efforts and referral patterns.

By developing this action plan and effectively communicating the strategy for the new urgent care clinic division, our organization can successfully embrace consumer-driven healthcare and provide accessible and high-quality healthcare services to the community.

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