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Your reading this week was careful to identify the differences between management development and leadership development programs (p. 190). Leadership development programs for a part, if not all of the staff, can be a powerful tool for improving services delivered to consumers and the long-term success of the firm. For this week’s assignment, you are going to propose and discuss a leadership development program. 

After reading Chapter 10, think about the differences between management and leadership development, as well as the leadership skills discussed in the text (p. 195) to come up with your proposed Professional Development Program topic. Examples might include Diversity and Inclusion training, Emergency Preparedness training, Team-Building and Communication training, etc. Once you have determined your topic, complete the Leadership Development Proposal template (available in your Instructional Resources and below) which will help you think through the various components of the program

After completing your proposal template, add a section called “Discussion” in the same document and answer the following questions:

Explain how this training is a leadership development training and what leadership skills staff will have after completing this training. 

Your textbook gives an example of what can happen when a needs assessment is not done well (p. 191). What should the needs assessment for your training consider carefully?

  1. Discuss how this training would be evaluated, including what outcomes you think could qualify this training as a success (for example, what gets better for the firm and/or consumers if the program goals are achieved? How will you know that learning occurred?)
  2. Question 2 
  3. Conflict in the workplace is incredibly costly to the organization (p. 174). Costs of conflict can include employee turnover, wasted productivity, losing talented staff, absenteeism, negative patient outcomes, and more. Chapter 9 of your textbook lists 7 conflict management strategies that a skilled leader or manager should match to the specific situation they are meant to resolve (p. 182). 

For this week’s discussion, choose three of the seven strategies presented in your text to think critically about. For each of the three strategies, address the following:

Describe an example situation that this technique could be well-suited to solve 

Discuss how the technique could resolve the situation and the specific considerations a leader must consider when using this technique 

Think back to what you learned in Chapter 6 about the need for trust. How does this technique support or challenge trust between those in conflict? How does it help or hinder trust in the institution? 

Expert Solution Preview

Leadership Development Program Proposal:

The proposed leadership development program aims to enhance the leadership skills of the staff in order to improve services delivered to consumers and contribute to the long-term success of the firm. This program will focus on developing specific skills and knowledge relevant to the healthcare industry, with a particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion training. By equipping the staff with effective leadership skills, the program aims to foster a positive work environment, enhance communication and teamwork, and address potential conflicts.


1. Explain how this training is a leadership development training and what leadership skills staff will have after completing this training:
This training program is designed to cultivate leadership qualities and abilities among the staff. Through modules on diversity and inclusion training, it will provide the participants with a deep understanding of the importance of diversity in healthcare organizations and equip them with the skills to effectively lead diverse teams. By completing this training, staff members will develop skills in cultural competence, inclusivity, and communication, which are crucial for effective leadership in diverse environments.

2. Needs assessment considerations for the training:
The needs assessment for this training should consider the following carefully:
– Identification of current issues and challenges related to diversity and inclusion within the organization.
– Assessment of employee perceptions and attitudes towards diversity and inclusion.
– Analysis of existing policies and practices related to diversity and inclusion.
– Evaluation of training needs and skill gaps among the staff.
– Exploration of external factors and trends that may impact the organization’s approach to diversity and inclusion.

3. Evaluation of the training and success outcomes:
The training program will be evaluated based on several outcomes to determine its success:
– Improved staff awareness and knowledge of diversity and inclusion concepts.
– Enhanced communication and teamwork among staff from different backgrounds.
– Increased cultural competence in delivering healthcare services to diverse patient populations.
– Reduced incidents of cultural misunderstandings and conflicts.
– Positive changes in employee attitudes towards diversity and inclusion.
– Improved patient satisfaction scores related to staff cultural sensitivity and inclusivity.
The evaluation will involve pre- and post-training assessments, interviews, surveys, and feedback from participants and stakeholders.

Conflict Management Strategies:

Leaders must possess the skills to manage workplace conflicts effectively. Three conflict management strategies to consider are:

1. Collaboration:
Example Situation: A disagreement arises among healthcare professionals regarding treatment approaches for a complex patient case.
Resolution Technique: The leader facilitates open communication and encourages mutual understanding, allowing the involved individuals to work together to find a mutually agreeable solution.
Considerations: The leader must ensure active participation, manage power dynamics, and create a safe and respectful environment to foster collaboration. Trust-building exercises may aid in the resolution process and promote trust among the individuals involved.

2. Compromise:
Example Situation: A scheduling conflict arises between two departments regarding shared resources.
Resolution Technique: The leader facilitates negotiation and seeks a middle ground that provides some satisfaction to both parties while ensuring the organization’s needs are met.
Considerations: The leader must maintain impartiality, diplomatically navigate differing expectations, and ensure that the compromise aligns with organizational policies and goals. Transparent communication about the compromises made can foster trust between parties involved.

3. Accommodation:
Example Situation: Two staff members have differing opinions on a non-essential departmental decision.
Resolution Technique: The leader allows one individual’s viewpoint to prevail while acknowledging the value of the alternate perspective without creating significant impact.
Considerations: The leader must ensure that the accommodated party understands the decision-making rationale and that their opinions are valued, even if not applied in this specific instance. This technique can maintain trust, as it demonstrates openness to diverse opinions and respects individual contributions.

The utilization of these conflict management strategies demonstrates a leader’s commitment to resolving conflicts in a fair and productive manner. By supporting open communication, considering individual viewpoints, and fostering collaborative decision-making, these techniques have the potential to build and strengthen trust both between conflicting parties and within the institution as a whole.

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