HAS 4210CBE Rasmussen College Advanced Healthcare Law and Ethics Essay


Analyze health needs, disparities, and healthcare delivery systems within the context of cultural, social, legal, political, and economic forces.


You have recently been promoted to Health Services Manager at Three Mountains Regional Hospital, a small hospital located in a mid-size city in the Midwest. Three Mountains is a general medical and surgical facility with 400 beds. Last year there were approximately 62,000 emergency visits and 15,000 admissions. More than 6,000 outpatient and 10,000 inpatient surgeries were performed.

After the first series of training, your CEO decided that employees would benefit from an online self-check after completing the training. You are tasked with developing a PowerPoint presentation with a list of questions that ask about liability protections for the physicians and the facility. Correct answers should be provided in the notes so that employees can check their responses.

Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation (or feel free to use other shareable Webware/software that you prefer) with questions that check employee understanding about the liability protections for physicians and the facility.

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As a medical professor, it is important to create assignments and evaluations that test a student’s knowledge of various healthcare systems. In this scenario, you have been tasked with developing a PowerPoint presentation that tests employee understanding of liability protections for physicians and healthcare facilities. This is a common concern in the healthcare industry, as ensuring proper protections can help mitigate risks and ensure the quality of care provided to patients.


To test employee understanding of liability protections for physicians and healthcare facilities, you can design a PowerPoint presentation with the following questions:

1. What are liability protections for physicians?
2. How do liability protections for physicians differ from liability protections for healthcare facilities?
3. What are the potential consequences of not having proper liability protections in place?
4. Are liability protections only necessary for high-risk specialties, such as surgery?
5. How can healthcare facilities ensure they have proper liability protections in place?

In the notes section of each slide, you can provide correct answers to help employees check their responses. It may also be helpful to include case studies or examples of situations where liability protections were crucial in protecting physicians and facilities. By testing employee understanding of liability protections, you can help improve the overall quality of care provided to patients and mitigate risks to physicians and healthcare facilities.

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