H310/HSA3109 Module 5

Write an argumentative research paper on a managed
care-related topic, assumption or myth; thoroughly explaining what it
is, why it’s important, and how it fundamentally impacts the managed
care system today. You will gather evidence on present a well-reasoned
argument or debatable issue. The goal of an argumentative paper is to
show that your perspective is valid. You are to form reasons, draw
conclusions and apply them to your findings. The purpose is not to
completely prove your point, but to convince readers, with your
evidence, that your argument or position has merit.

You will be evaluated according to your topic selection, thesis and
outline, annotated bibliography, peer review, and final paper delivered
in proper format as follows:

Final Paper

    • Follows all Project assignment details and technical
      requirements, presenting “a managed care-related topic, thoroughly
      explaining what it is, why it’s important, and how it fundamentally
      impacts the managed care system today.”
    • Presents an argumentative paper with reasoning and evidence of debatable issue.
    • Incorporates suggestions as needed from peer review.
    • Incorporates key elements of a quality research paper:
      • Strong thesis statement that states the main point of your project and suggests the path that your project will follow.
      • Attention-getting introduction moving into quick transition that leads into thesis. Captures readers’ attention.
      • Topic sentences relate back to thesis statement. All information is relevant to thesis.
      • Logical transitions between paragraphs and ideas provide unity and coherence to the whole. Clear organization.
      • Concluding paragraph sums up information and reiterates thesis.
    • Mechanics follow required standards. (Spelling, grammar, sentences written according to Standard English.)

    Technical Requirements

    An original research paper with a body of 6-8 pages. In general, your paper should consist of the following pages:

    Title Page – captivating title, your name, title of the course, date

    Body – 6-8 pages of introduction, background on
    your topic, research support, personal evaluation, strong conclusion.
    Body should be organized with a minimum of the following titles

    • Introduction
    • Thesis or Position
    • Reasons
    • Objections
    • Support of Responses
    • Conclusion

    References Cited page – in APA format.

    Expert Solution Preview

    An argumentative research paper is a medium to present a well-reasoned argument on a debatable issue that convinces the reader that one’s perspective has merit. In the field of managed care, there are many myths, assumptions, and topics that need a thorough explanation to understand their importance and impact on the system. In this paper, we will explore how a managed care-related topic affects the healthcare system today and why it is essential. The evaluation parameters and technical requirements for the final paper are also discussed to ensure a quality research paper.

    The managed care-related topic that we will be discussing in this paper is “The Effect of Managed Care on Physician-Patient Relationship.” Managed care plans involve contractual agreements between providers and insurance companies to manage health care costs. It has been assumed that these plans adversely affect the doctor-patient relationship by imposing restrictions on physician’s ability to provide care. However, empirical evidence suggests that managed care plans do not necessarily harm the physician-patient relationship as the doctor’s interaction with patients is not entirely dependent on financial incentives.

    The physician-patient relationship has evolved over time to become more collaborative rather than authoritarian, and managed care plans have played a role in this evolution. Managed care plans have encouraged preventive care and wellness programs, reducing the need for costly medical interventions and hospitalizations. This, in turn, has positively impacted the doctor-patient relationship as it has become more patient-centered. Managed care plans have also enabled doctors to be better informed regarding treatments, medications, and procedures, leading to better patient outcomes.

    In conclusion, the effect of managed care on the physician-patient relationship is often misunderstood, leading to myths and assumptions that are not entirely accurate. Managed care plans have brought significant reforms to the healthcare system and have not necessarily affected the doctor-patient relationship negatively. The argument presented in this paper is based on logical reasoning and evidence-based research, providing a nuanced perspective on this critical issue.

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