Grand Canyon University Week 1 Causes of Nursing Shortage Discussion

Discuss the events that have contributed (or will continue to contribute) to the nursing shortage, or that contribute to a shortage in a region or specialty. Discuss at least one way that the nursing profession is currently working toward a resolution of this problem. In replies to peers, offer different examples of how the nursing shortage has been addressed in your state, (community, or specialty area.( florida state).

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Introduction: The nursing shortage is a complex issue that has been affecting the healthcare industry for several years now. Various factors have contributed to the shortage, and resolving the problem requires a multifaceted approach. In this answer, we will discuss the events that have contributed to the nursing shortage and ways that the nursing profession is addressing the issue.

Answer: The nursing shortage has been attributed to several events, including aging of the nursing workforce, increased demand for healthcare services due to an aging population, lack of faculty in nursing schools, and high stress and burnout rates among nurses. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the need for more nurses in the healthcare industry.

To address the nursing shortage, the nursing profession is taking various steps such as increasing nursing school enrollment, creating nursing programs that can accommodate second-career nurses, and enhancing the working conditions for nurses. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is also advocating for increased federal funding for nursing education and workforce development.

In Florida state, the Florida Nurses Association has been working with lawmakers to improve working conditions for nurses, increase funding for nursing education, and enhance the nursing workforce’s diversity. Additionally, the state has implemented nursing residency programs to provide new nurses with additional training and support as they enter the workforce.

In conclusion, the nursing shortage is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. The nursing profession is taking steps to address the problem, such as increasing enrollment in nursing schools and improving working conditions for nurses. In Florida state, the Florida Nurses Association is working with lawmakers to improve the nursing workforce’s diversity and enhance nursing education and training programs.

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