Grand Canyon University Policy and Future Trends Interview Discussion

For this assignment, students will interview a health care professional. Identify at least 10 questions around governmental policy that are critical to understanding current and future issues in specific delivery settings. Refine your questions so that they are relevant to the person or policy that the interview is based on. Conduct the interview at the agreed upon time in a professional manner. Below are some example questions that you may use.

  1. What is the primary purpose of this Policy?
  2. How does it impact your facility specifically?
  3. When was this policy adopted into your facility?
  4. How do you see this policy changing in the future as we move forward with the Health Care Reform?
  5. How does this policy current impact patient outcomes? Will it in the future?
  6. Do you see this policy changing how it impacts patients by 2025?
  7. Who regulates this policy?
  8. Is this a state or federal mandate that resulting in this policy?
  9. What would you say is the largest challenge you currently face with this policy?
  10. Can you explain how I would see this policy in my area of interest? What should I be prepared for in relation to this policy?

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Introduction: As a medical professor, it is vital to assign tasks and assignments that will equip students with practical knowledge and skills relevant to their field. To this end, one such assignment requires students to interview a healthcare professional regarding critical governmental policies that affect delivery settings. In this context, the assignment demands students to generate policy-related questions that are contextual to the person or policy in question. The following are sample questions that students may use.

1. What is the primary purpose of this policy, and how does it achieve its intended purpose?
2. What specific effects has this policy had on your facility, and how have you adapted to these changes?
3. When was this policy adopted into your facility, and have there been significant revisions since its inception?
4. With the ongoing healthcare reforms, how do you envision this policy changing in the future, and how will this impact your facility or field?
5. How has this policy affected patient outcomes in your facility, and do you foresee any potential future impacts?
6. Looking ahead to 2025, do you anticipate any changes to how this policy will affect patients and/or healthcare as a whole?
7. Who is responsible for regulating this policy, and how do they ensure compliance?
8. Is this policy a state or federal mandate, and what impact does its origin have on your facility?
9. In your opinion, what is the most significant challenge you face concerning this policy, and how do you propose to overcome it?
10. Can you expound on how this policy would impact my area of interest, and what measures can I take to prepare for it?

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