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 “As a health care leader and administrator, there are a wide range of important challenges and tasks that can present themselves on a daily basis. When developing a project plan, which is a direct extension of the business plan, problems or issues are the responsibility of the administrative team within an organization. Moseley explained,” narrower projects and tasks may take a matter of weeks or even days, and keeping all the pieces synchronized is essential to efficient and timely implementation of the business and project plan”(Moseley, 2017). As a project manager of a health care organization or business, there would absolutely need to be direct focus on issues that could prevent the project or business plan from being successfully implemented. The issue that I would believe to be most prevalent is the issue of time and financial resources. Health care organizations experience financial strain on a daily basis, and can be a potential issue that a project manager will need to address. Time is a problem or issue that the administrative team within the organization must address in order to determine whether or not the project will be completed successfully, or if more time is needed. There will need to be continued discussion regarding issues connected to the project plan and business plan into the near and foreseeable future.


Moseley, G. B., III. (2017). <i>Managing health care business strategy</i> (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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In the field of healthcare administration, project planning is a critical aspect of ensuring the successful implementation of business plans. One of the key responsibilities of the administrative team within a healthcare organization is to identify and address potential problems or issues that may arise during project execution. As highlighted by Moseley (2017), effective coordination and synchronization of various components are vital for efficient and timely project implementation.

In the context of healthcare project management, one significant issue that frequently arises is the constraint of time and financial resources. Healthcare organizations often face financial strains on a daily basis, and a project manager must address this issue to ensure the successful completion of the project. It is crucial to carefully allocate and manage the available financial resources to meet the project’s needs.

Additionally, time management plays a crucial role in project execution. The administrative team must assess whether the allocated time is sufficient to complete the project successfully or if additional time is required. This evaluation is necessary to avoid rushing the project, compromising its quality, or missing important deadlines.

Continued discussion and evaluation of issues connected to both the project plan and the business plan are necessary for the healthcare organization’s future success. By addressing challenges related to time and financial resources, the administrative team can ensure efficient and effective project implementation.

Moseley, G. B., III. (2017). Managing health care business strategy (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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