Entrepreneurial Business Plan: Part 2

Use the information in your concept statement (Week Three) to create a business plan for the team’s entrepreneurial business.

Write a 1,050- to 1,250-word executive summary of your business plan.

Include the following items in your executive summary:

  • Describe the entrepreneurial opportunity.
  • Describe the business, product, or program planned.
  • Describe the management team; each team member must play a role in the team.
  • Explain how you would conduct a feasibility analysis.
  • Describe the target market.
  • Explain what resources the business needs to move forward in the entrepreneurial process.
  • Write a brief summary of financial projections.
    • Base the summary on benchmarking, research of similar types of publicly traded companies
  • Identify the forces that determine profitability in the industry.
  • Determine the challenges faced by the business as it grows.
    • Identify how you evaluate the progress and challenges with growth.
    • Determine the two best possible strategies for the growth of your business.

Create a 9- to 12-slide presentation of your executive summary. Design the presentation as though you were pitching your business plan to investors for funding. Include detailed speaker’s notes between 45- to 90-words on each slide.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

The Bold sections are the only sections that need to be addressed and worked on for both the Executive summary and the power point. Business Plan also attached as reference for this assignment. There needs to be at least 3 slides for the power point at a max of 90 words per slide. The two sections in the exceutive summary should be a maximum of 312 words.

Expert Solution Preview

The entrepreneurial opportunity being pursued is the development and launch of a telemedicine platform that aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to underserved communities. The platform will offer virtual consultations with licensed physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as facilitating prescription management and medication delivery. The business plan for this venture will focus on the key elements required for success, including a detailed feasibility analysis, identification of target markets, financial projections, and strategies for growth.

Describe the management team; each team member must play a role in the team.
The management team for the telemedicine platform includes a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Medical Officer (CMO), and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The CEO will oversee the overall operations of the business and will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies for growth and profitability. The CMO, a licensed physician, will be responsible for managing the medical team and ensuring that the platform adheres to all regulatory requirements. The CTO will oversee the development and maintenance of the platform and ensure that it meets the needs of both medical professionals and patients.

Explain how you would conduct a feasibility analysis.
To conduct a feasibility analysis, the team will assess the market demand for telemedicine services, analyze the competition, and evaluate regulatory requirements and potential barriers to entry. A survey will be conducted to gauge interest in the platform and identify the key features that potential users are looking for. Additionally, the team will conduct a SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the venture. Based on this analysis, the team will make a decision on whether to proceed with development of the platform and determine the level of financing required.

Reference: Business Plan.

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