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Share a case study of an electrolyte imbalance from your practice or from the literature. Summarize the case study in 3-4 paragraphs. Then discuss the clinical manifestations of the imbalance, the pathophysiology behind the imbalance, normal cell membrane transport of the electrolyte(s), and any alterations in cell membrane transport caused by the imbalance. How was the electrolyte imbalance resolved? Analyze the case study to determine any areas in which patient or staff education may have helped to prevent the electrolyte imbalance.

Use at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources less than 5 years old in addition to course materials

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Electrolyte imbalances are a common occurrence in medical practice, and their prompt recognition and management are essential for patient care. In this answer, we will discuss a case study of an electrolyte imbalance, including its clinical manifestations, pathophysiology, normal transport, and alterations, and how it was resolved. Furthermore, we will analyze the case study to determine any possible areas for patient or staff education.

Case Study:

Mr. A. is a 65-year-old male with a history of COPD who presented to the emergency department with increasing shortness of breath over the last two days. On examination, he was found to have a respiratory rate of 30 breaths per minute and an oxygen saturation of 88% on room air. Arterial blood gases showed a pH of 7.32, PaCO2 of 60 mmHg, and PaO2 of 50 mmHg. His electrolyte panel revealed a serum sodium level of 120 mEq/L.

Clinical Manifestations:

Hyponatremia is the most common electrolyte imbalance encountered in clinical practice and can lead to various manifestations ranging from mild to severe. In this case, Mr. A. had mild hyponatremia, which presented with respiratory distress and altered mental status. The respiratory distress was likely due to the low sodium level affecting the central nervous system’s respiratory drive, while altered mental status may have been a result of cerebral edema caused by hyponatremia.


Hyponatremia occurs when the serum sodium level falls below 135 mEq/L and can result from various causes, including excessive water intake, renal failure, diuretic use, or adrenal insufficiency. In Mr. A’s case, his low sodium level was due to his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which caused hypoxia, leading to the release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), and subsequent water retention.

Normal Transport and Alterations:

Sodium plays a crucial role in various cellular functions, including muscle contraction, nerve function, and fluid balance. Sodium enters the cell through various channels, including epithelial sodium channels (ENaCs) in the kidney and sodium-potassium ATPase (Na-K ATPase) in cell membranes. Hyponatremia results in a decreased concentration gradient, leading to efflux of water from cells, causing cell swelling and eventual cellular damage.


Mr. A’s hyponatremia was corrected by implementing fluid restriction and administering a hypertonic saline solution. His serum sodium level progressively increased, and his respiratory symptoms improved, and he was discharged after 4 days of hospitalization.

Patient or Staff Education:

Mr. A’s case highlights the importance of educating patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and their families on the early recognition of respiratory distress and fluid intake limitations. Furthermore, healthcare professionals must recognize the risk factors for hyponatremia and monitor patients at risk closely. This case study and several others in the literature indicate that careful monitoring and early recognition of electrolyte imbalances can help prevent severe complications.


Hyponatremia is a potentially life-threatening electrolyte imbalance that may occur due to various causes, and its recognition and prompt management are essential for positive outcomes. In Mr. A’s case, timely intervention with fluid restriction and hypertonic saline led to a complete resolution of his hyponatremia and respiratory symptoms. Health professionals must be educated about the risk factors for electrolyte imbalances and their consequences to provide optimal care for their patients.

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