Developing a training plan for a new employee.

Previously, you began your work on developing a plan to on-board a new employee. To be able to successfully on-board an employee, an education plan is needed to ensure all components are addressed and trained upon.

Part 2: On-Boarding a New Employee

You are asked to review the statements below and identify the following:

Education Plan:Develop an education (training) plan for a new employee. Be sure to include the following in your training:

  • Policy and procedure.
  • Machine training.
  • Employee relations.
  • Prescription fulfillment.
  • Supervisor schedule before being allowed to function alone.
Adaptability of Education Plan:A part of developing an education (training) plan includes the ability to adapt based upon not only the needs of the individual, but also the environment that they are in. In the event that changes happen within the pharmacy, how do you address the following:

  • Being short staffed and training a new employee.
  • Electronic equipment being down in the pharmacy when training.
  • Pharmacy being too busy to spend 1:1 time training.
Statement:You are the Pharmacy Technician Supervisor at your local pharmacy. You have a new employee starting in 2 weeks and need to develop a training plan for them. This is the first job for this employee since they have recently completed school.

Expert Solution Preview

Developing an education plan for a new employee is crucial to ensure that they are trained effectively and efficiently. This plan should cover policy and procedures, machine training, employee relations, prescription fulfillment, and supervisor schedule before being allowed to function alone. However, it is important to keep in mind that the education plan should be adaptable to provide flexibility in addressing unforeseen circumstances.

Answer to Education Plan:
The education plan for a new employee should cover all the necessary areas to ensure that they are well-equipped to perform their jobs. Policy and procedures should be taught to promote safety and compliance within the pharmacy. Machine training is essential for the employee to operate efficiently without any complications. Employee relations should be focused on creating a positive working environment and building healthy working relationships. Prescription fulfillment should be taught to ensure that the employee understands the importance of accuracy in fulfilling prescriptions. Finally, the supervisor schedule should provide proper guidance to the new employee before being allowed to function alone.

Answer to Adaptability of Education Plan:
An adaptable education plan is necessary to ensure that the new employee can cope with changes in both their environment and the pharmacy. In the event of being short-staffed, the training could be modified to incorporate a team learning approach and include peer training. Electronic equipment being down could be turned into a productive learning experience by providing the employee with hands-on experience in troubleshooting. If the pharmacy is too busy to spend 1:1 time training, the employee can be trained during off-hours or in brief sessions that would allow them to learn at their own pace.

Answer to Statement:
As the Pharmacy Technician Supervisor at your local pharmacy, it is imperative to develop a comprehensive training plan for the new employee. With this being the employee’s first job after completing school, it is important to provide adequate training to guarantee their success in the position. The education plan should cover all the necessary areas, including policy and procedures, machine training, employee relations, prescription fulfillment, and supervisor schedule. The plan should also be adaptable to address any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the training process.

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